Everyone is unique

Way of being authentic manifesto

At our company, everyone is free to be themselves. We believe that the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees and all the people with whom we work make us more resilient, creative and innovative, so we are even better equipped to help our customers achieve their goals in this diverse world.

We put all our employees at the center, each in their own authentic way. Based on five commitments, we work continuously to build an environment that unites all our uniquely diverse colleagues.

Discover our manifesto

1. A safe, open work environment

We are committed to the creation of a safe, open work environment where everyone can be their authentic selves. An environment without discrimination, bullying or harassment. An environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where there is room for open communication on this topic. We are supported in achieving this by our Employee Centricity policy.

2. An inclusive HR policy

We use our inclusive HR policy to ensure:
- A recruitment and selection process that focuses on competencies and offers equal opportunities to all
- The same training and development opportunities for everyone
- Fair and equal pay

3. An open mind towards job candidates

We evaluate our vacancies and recruitment channels to ensure that we reach a diverse group of candidates. Our selection interviews and practical tests are standardized to enable objective assessment.

4. Like-minded partners

We oppose discriminatory requirements by customers or other parties.

5. Respect for everyone's individuality

We demand respect for the individuality of all our employees, and we repudiate discrimination based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation and so forth.