Innovation Thursday - Artificial Intelligence 2.0 (Webinar)

Innovation Thursday - Artificial Intelligence 2.0 (Webinar)

(English webinar)

Artificial intelligence: a lot of fuss, but what can (and should) it mean for your organisation today? In this session we aim to demystify what is possible today and will be possible tomorrow.

We share our experience on introducing artificial intelligence at organizations within different sectors, the common pitfalls, how you can avoid them and show you how unlocking this new value fits within a global data strategy.

Live in our studio:

  • Bram Wauters, Senior Unit Manager Data – AI - Integration, Inetum Realdolmen
  • Lothar Verledens, AI Innovation Lead Architect, Inetum-Realdolmen

With Q&A, to-the-point and in just 1 hour of your precious time.



Webinar topics

  • How is AI disrupting your business. What does this mean for you today and tomorrow?
    • AI is at the door of every industry! Or have we already let it in? 
    • Fact or myth? 
    • AI: a practical enlightenment (demo)
  • Automate everything! But is your environment ready for this extreme level of integration.
    • From challenges to concrete steps