No traffic jams on Brussels Ring thanks to high-availability IT Environment at Euro Pool System

No traffic jams on Brussels Ring thanks to high-availability IT Environment at Euro Pool System

Euro Pool System provides reusable packaging materials to the fruit, vegetable and retail industries. They ensure that retailers have access to reusable crates. The reusable packaging materials are subsequently returned by truck. IT plays an important role here. They need the capability to process around sixty trucks per hour, and one hour of IT system downtime could lead to traffic piling up on the Brussels Ring, for example.

VMware vSAN: The Solution for High-Availability Environments

This explains the importance of a high-availability, redundant environment to guarantee continuous operation of all work processes and in turn, the business, comes in. VMware vSAN was the solution that proved the best match for Euro Pool System's strategy and needs. vSAN's strength lies in its capability to use storage capacity from multiple servers and establish virtual connections between them. Even if a server goes down, Euro Pool System's data remains free of corruption and is always available when required.

VMware leads the market in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), with more than 7,000 registered customers since Virtual SAN's initial release. VMware vSAN offers hyperconverged, high-performance storage for all virtualized applications, regardless of whether these are business-critical, as well as advanced enterprise capabilities to address three critical customer needs – security, cost savings and performance.

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