Rimses ensures transparent and efficient asset management at Galloo

Rimses ensures transparent and efficient asset management at Galloo

A recycling company sets high standards for machine maintenance and asset management. Galloo opted to have Realdolmen's Maintenance Management system Rimses support its asset management and maintenance tracking activities at its various sites as well as stock and procurement management for its maintenance departments as part of an all-in-one package. Reporting is also extremely important, with the company keen to obtain a clear overview of costs and have access to real-time stock monitoring. "We were looking for a package that could do just about anything, and Rimses fit the bill," states Group Technical Manager Kevin Casier. 


Managing costs and stock optimization

"Our central team provides various maintenance services to our external branches," explains Kevin. "The hours, materials and incurred costs must always be allocated to the right branch and machine." Rimses enables the company to invoice each branch for those services, and offers a clear overview of the history of each machine. 

Galloo also wanted to improve the collaboration between the branches in terms of stock, specifically with regard to critical spare parts. "Previously, every branch had to have these parts available for emergencies. Now, however, we can centralize this. This has reduced our stock costs. It also ensures the stock is correct: everything is registered and deregistered," states Olivier Courtois, Technical Manager Ropswalle.

A stable package with options for integration

Galloo was also looking for a stable Maintenance Management package that allows various links to be established with other software packages. "In the past, we needed 2 or 3 packages to do this. Now that we're using Rimses, we have been able to accomplish a significant amount of integration with, for example, our accounting package and ERP," explains Kevin.

A turnaround time of around 6 months

"The most difficult issue was finding the right structure. What are the right cost centers, for example? How can we connect with the finance section? Our ICT department, maintenance services and Realdolmen have worked together very closely to answer those questions. The approach of the Realdolmen project manager was essential in this project, as it ensured we were able to meet our tight deadline", explains ICT Manager Steve Decroubele. "Each company is different. You really need to understand the specific business context. It's the only way to establish the right links." 

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