Realdolmen streamlines printer system KORHA

Realdolmen streamlines printer system KORHA

The new KORHA school group consists of thirteen schools. KORHA is making a clean sweep to get a handle on the management and use of the printer system. Realdolmen devised a completely new solution with HP multi-functionals. The school group now serves personnel and students more smoothly with a fourth fewer printers. And KORHA pays based on use alone.


New policy

A unique heterogeneous printer system was developed as a result of a review of the new school group's IT environment. There was a broad range of devices and systems in use at the schools in the group, supported by various types of contracts. The KORHA school group chose to establish a new guideline for the printer policy with the goal of obtaining more favorable terms by grouping the purchasing and simultaneously reducing costs through a new tracking system for printer usage. Realdolmen met KORHA's requirements with an overall plan for the printer system: the right devices at the right location, based on the required volume, the desired speed and the requested print format - and the right support.

Costs based on use

Specifically, Realdolmen supplied 48 HP multi-functional printers. The agreement includes a five-year leasing contract. The leasing contract includes a fixed price for services per device per month - installation, maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, KORHA pays only for the purchase of toner cartridges, based on use, of course and even this variable cost can be predicted quite accurately. "We pay based on what is used," Vaeyens explains. "For example, there is a lot of blank space in printouts for exams or other forms. A classic contract frequently includes a fixed price per page, regardless of whether it has a few words or a large color photo." KORHA pays only for the actual toner use and thus realizes a nice cost savings.

Printing represents a large chunk of a school group's budget. The school group's annual printing volume amounts to eight million black and white pages and a half a million color pages. Gunther Vaeyens: "So we have to pay serious attention that we avoid waste as much as possible on one hand, and on the other hand, that we can correctly assign the customized prints to the students. Realdolmen therefore proposed expanding the use of follow-me printing with PaperCut, a print management software tool. "Anyone who wants to print something first signs in at the device," Vaeyens explains. "That way, we can easily monitor who makes how many prints. We can report that to the parents and charge the student correctly."


"Over time we want even more automation," Vaeyens concludes, "so that the multi-functional printers automatically pass the costs for a customized print on to our accounting system through PaperCut. Realdolmen works with us. That is the added value of having a real partner."

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