Inetum-Realdolmen ensures user-friendly experience on CoZo

Inetum-Realdolmen ensures user-friendly experience on CoZo

The user interface of the Collaborative Healthcare Platform (CoZo) needed updating. Our experts dove in with CoZo and healthcare providers and through an iterative process built an intuitive, secure and responsive user interface. Now when someone logs in, they immediately see their documented medical history from all corners of the medical landscape. A UX process with impact, the platform is currently visited around 100 times per minute at peak times.

The gateway to medical data

The Collaborative Healthcare Platform (CoZo) is a collaborative digital platform that allows patients, healthcare providers and healthcare institutions to quickly and securely exchange and share medical data. By ensuring better information flow, CoZo improves the care process. Incidentally, the medical information always remains in the institution where it was produced. CoZo retrieves it in real time from the healthcare institutions, but does not take over the data.


The platform has grown from an open vision of future healthcare, respecting the individuality of each partner and ensuring maximum protection of patient privacy. Since the coronavirus period, patient use of CoZo has grown exponentially. After all, you can find (COVID) test results on the platform. Today, an average of about 5000 to 6000 medical results are requested every hour by patients and healthcare providers.

A user-friendly, intuitive experience

In order to offer all these users the smoothest possible experience, CoZo asked us to improve the user experience of the platform and the associated application. The focus was on the core issue: how to display the multitude of medical data with the fewest clicks and in the clearest way possible. The method of searching for medical results was also examined in order to improve and expand it.

Of course, when it comes to medical data, security is very important, which is why a secure authentication process is always used. CoZo uses the Belgian government’s CSAM software to allow their users to log in. In the background, they use an identity server to do so. Our experts helped set up that identity server to secure the platform in a standardized, proven way. Our goal was to create a beautiful, practical user experience with powerful security.



Real-world tested

You don't build a good user experience separate from reality. That’s why we started working with end-users such as doctors and nurses in several workshops. This gave us a very good idea of in which situations, at which locations and under what circumstances they and patients use CoZo. The participants also had the opportunity to share with us what they would ideally like to achieve with CoZo. For example, one doctor told us that it would work more smoothly if you could easily navigate from one result to another without having to return to the overview each time. Those real-world examples gave us the insights we needed to build a user experience that eases healthcare providers’ work a bit and ensures that they and their patients can easily consult medical results.

Our experts translated these insights into technical requirements. An initial prototype allowed CoZo to test out the new features so that together we could further refine the experience into a final result that satisfied all parties.

We dove into the context with them

User experience is a separate subject. CoZo did not have this expertise in-house and therefore called on our specialists. They dove into the complex business process with us and went into co-creation to find the best experience.

"I am extremely satisfied with the expertise and domain knowledge of the specialists at Inetum-Realdolmen. They were always there for us, came up with the right insights at crucial moments and met all the agreements made." Marco Busschots, Head of ICT-EPR and (former) CoZo Project Manager

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