Unlocking the World of Salesforce Architecture: An Interview with one of our experts, JoAnn Culbertson

16 April 2024


Our enthusiastic team of Salesforce experts includes a lot of fun and interesting people. Today, we speak with one of the newest team members, she came all the way from the USA to join our team. Meet JoAnn Culbertson, a seasoned Salesforce Architect with over two decades of experience in the field. Let's delve into her journey, insights, and the fascinating world of Salesforce.

Nice to meet you! Can you please introduce yourself and share your background in Salesforce?

I’m JoAnn Culbertson, a Salesforce Architect with a rich background of experience spanning over 20 years. Throughout my career, I've donned various hats in the Salesforce ecosystem, from user to administrator, business analyst, developer, and finally, architect. My expertise extends across diverse industries such as technology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Armed with 20 Salesforce certifications and a Four-star Ranger status on Trailhead, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for problem-solving to the table.

What initially drew you to pursue a career in Salesforce architecture, and how has your passion for this field evolved over time?

I've always been driven by a natural inclination for problem-solving. Each role I've held allowed me to leverage systems to streamline processes and tackle business challenges effectively. Transitioning into the role of an architect empowered me to wield a broader influence on solution outcomes, fuelling my passion for crafting innovative and impactful solutions.

What motivated you to make the significant move from the USA to Belgium to join our company as a senior Salesforce Architect?

My journey to Belgium was serendipitous yet deeply rooted in professional camaraderie. Having collaborated successfully with Geert De Houwer, a colleague from a previous venture, I received a glowing recommendation for a role at Inetum-Realdolmen. The allure of fulfilling a lifelong dream of living in Europe, coupled with the opportunity to work with a dynamic team, propelled me to embark on this exciting journey. My interaction with the Salesforce team during the interview process left a lasting impression. The caliber of professionals and the commitment to professionalism resonated deeply with me, motivating me to become part of this vibrant community. And my expectations came true, I've been fortunate to undertake compelling projects during my tenure at Inetum, each offering a unique opportunity for innovation and growth.

As someone with extensive experience in Salesforce architecture, what advice would you give to someone considering a career in this field or looking to excel in their current role?

Take advantage of the extensive training and educational materials available on Trailhead as well as other partner focused learning channels. Utilize those tools to continue to upskill and practice. Also, set up a free development org and solve a problem you’ve encountered or something you are passionate about. I had a friend that was passionate about animals set up a solution to manage a dog grooming business to practice her solutioning skills.

How do we foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our Salesforce team to ensure everyone stays updated with best practices and industry trends?

We employ various avenues for fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our Salesforce team. This includes hosting knowledge-sharing sessions, maintaining a Salesforce Q&A channel, posting advisories on upcoming changes, and updating a comprehensive wiki with pertinent information.

With the rapid advancements in AI and automation, how do you see these technologies influencing the Salesforce ecosystem in the coming years, and what opportunities do they present for businesses?

The advent of AI promises to revolutionize the Salesforce ecosystem by unlocking deeper customer insights and facilitating personalized interactions. Businesses that harness AI tools stand to gain a competitive edge by delivering tailored experiences and driving increased customer satisfaction. The evolution of Gen AI and low-code tools heralds a new era of innovation within the Salesforce ecosystem. Businesses must prioritize upskilling and harnessing AI to glean actionable insights and make informed decisions. Moreover, safeguarding customer data while leveraging the capabilities of Gen AI will be pivotal for success in the digital landscape.

In conclusion, JoAnn Culbertson's journey epitomizes the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines our Salesforce community. As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, embracing the expertise of seasoned professionals like JoAnn is key to unlocking the full potential of Salesforce.