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Put your shoulder to the wheel in helping our customers achieve a positive digital flow

24 March 2022

With our Upscale 2023 transformation path, we are investing in the future and further professionalization of our company to better serve our clients and help them achieve their business goals more smoothly. With the ultimate goal of getting them into a positive digital flow and keeping them there. Feel like putting your shoulders to the wheel here? Discover our sales vacancies!

Our ambition as preferred business partner

For our organization, this has brought about a change in our go-to-market and sales organization, with the implementation and scaling-up of a sector-based account management and a support-focused sales department. We are also continuing to build our business consultancy across sectors and horizontal processes.

For our customers, we really want to be a trusted and preferred business partner, as well as being the technology expert. In concrete terms, this means knowing their business and sector and daring to challenge a customer. Not taking too much of a subservient role but daring to share in discussions in a proactive and innovative way with a long-term perspective and a strategic framework. In this way, we want to provide our customers with the best overall experience and bring them into the Digital Flow. Working with them to develop industrialization and innovation.

Ready for a new adventure?

We are looking for reinforcements to realize our ambition:

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