Our 5 favorite Salesforce AI features of spring '24

21 February 2024

The Spring '24 release brings a host of features that integrate artificial intelligence to streamline your processes and increase your impact. In this article, we take a deep dive into our top 5 favorite features in this update, giving you an exclusive look at the tools and capabilities that will transform your Salesforce experience.

1) Einstein Copilot Sales Actions

Einstein Copilot Sales Actions is an innovative feature built into the Salesforce platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales representatives with personalized recommendations and predictive actions. By combining internal and external data with advanced analytics, Einstein Copilot helps sales representatives make more informed decisions and maximize their effectiveness.

Using machine learning, Einstein Copilot analyzes users' real-time interactions with the Salesforce platform, as well as data from external sources such as social media and industry news. Based on this information, it generates contextual recommendations and predictive actions for each stage of the sales process.

2) Einstein Search Answers

Using machine learning, Search Answers analyzes customer questions and compares them to an extensive knowledge base of articles, documents, and other resources. Using advanced semantic search techniques and data processing, Search Answers identifies the most relevant answers and presents them to customer service agents, enabling them to respond to customer needs quickly and efficiently.

By integrating Search Answers into the customer service process, organizations can realize several significant benefits, including:

  • Fast and accurate answers: By providing real-time, relevant answers to customer service agents, Search Answers helps reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Increased agent productivity: By automating information retrieval and highlighting the most relevant answers, Search Answers helps customer service agents save time and focus on solving customer problems.
  • Improve customer experience: By providing fast and accurate answers, Search Answers improves the customer experience and builds brand loyalty.


3) Einstein Knowledge Enhancements

Service Cloud Einstein: Knowledge Enhancements is a set of advanced capabilities built into the Salesforce Service Cloud platform that use artificial intelligence to improve the knowledge base and enhance the customer experience. By combining machine learning algorithms with advanced analytics, these enhancements enable customer service agents to quickly find the information they need and provide relevant answers to customers.

With Service Cloud Einstein: Knowledge Enhancements, the knowledge base becomes smarter and more intuitive. Features such as semantic search, content recommendation, and trend analysis make it easier for agents to find answers to customer questions and discover relevant information they might not have found otherwise. In addition, Knowledge Enhancements can be used to identify gaps in the knowledge base and guide efforts to add content for an optimal customer experience.

4) Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement

With the launch of Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement, AI can simplify the creation of various content such as forms, landing pages, and email subjects and copy.

Some of these capabilities have been available for Marketing Cloud Engagement. Now, Einstein Assistant extends its influence to Account Engagement with a quick content creation solution with a similar interface to Marketing Cloud.

Describe what you want to write using a prompt and let Einstein's magic work! The more detailed your prompts, the more useful and relevant your results will be. This significant advancement will greatly benefit users looking to streamline their content creation process.

Access to this new feature is available for the Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions, as well as the Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Lightning Experience editions.


5) Einstein Segment Creation

Although a relatively new product, Data Cloud does not lag behind when it comes to new features! The Einstein Segment Creation feature is now available and allows you to easily create marketing audiences with Data Cloud.

With Einstein Segment Creation, it is no longer necessary to use SQL queries to create relevant and complex segments. With a simple natural language prompt, you can set up advanced targeting based on criteria from multiple sources.

By combining advanced segmentation capabilities with the rich and diverse data in the Data Cloud, Einstein Segment Creation gives you a powerful way to target and engage your audience more accurately and personally.

Access to this new feature is available in the Developer, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited editions of Data Cloud. Einstein Segment Creation requires a Data Cloud Starter license.

Spring '24 features rolled out on Jan. 12, Feb. 2 and Feb. 9, 2024.



       Written by Stephane Caradec
       Salesforce Marketing Automation Manager, Inetum France