Improve the flexibility of your fiber-optic connections with optical transceivers

16 May 2022

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Hybrid Cloud

Employees experiencing slow internet connectivity or poor connectivity to applications such as CRM or Microsoft Teams are less productive. More and more organizations are struggling with their increasing use of cloud solutions and the growth of data. Is your traditional equipment still adequate or are you better off switching to fiber? 

Today, the advantages of fiber optics are well known. A fiber-optic connection offers a whole host of benefits, such as higher upload and download speeds, it is stronger than traditional copper and has much higher bandwidth. For a modern hybrid cloud infrastructure, fiber is well worth considering. 

Unlike traditional network equipment where cables are connected directly to a switch or server, a fiber-optic cable is connected to an optical transceiver that plugs into the network equipment. An optical receiver is an intermediate step to increase the flexibility of the existing network equipment, such as switches and servers. 

How do you select the right optical transceiver?


When choosing the right transceiver, certain details are crucial:

  • Network protocol
  • Speed
  • Wavelength (multimode or single mode)
  • Maximum distance to be covered
  • Platform to be used

Together with our partner Intronics, we supply equivalent transceivers from Skylane Optics for all renowned brands.

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