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Internet of Things proves its social value during R-IoT Games

11 March 2019

Internet of Things

Many Flemish students took up our challenge to make a social challenge a bit smaller by means of IoT technology. During the first weekend of March several teams took part in a real hackathon at our office in Ghent, working on their prototypes and pitches. After more than 24 hours of hard work, some very interesting IoT solutions were put forward.

The design

This year, for the first time, we challenged students at the R-IoT Games, an Internet of Things (IoT) competition for all Flemish-speaking colleges, universities and training centers. During this competition, teams tackled social issues using IoT.

Their task:

"To make our society a better place with the help of IoT."
Easier said than done perhaps, but this should be taken very broadly, as long as it benefits a specific group within our society. Can you identify specific problems that affect young people, the elderly, non-profit organizations, or perhaps even animals? Or can you envisage ways to make certain processes much simpler or faster? There are infinite options in this competition, as long as society benefits from it in some way.

After registering their ideas, thirty teams set to work to complete the first part of the competition. In this part, the teams spent six weeks refining their ideas. They made a video to pitch their ideas, analyzed the social challenge and IoT's possibilities exhaustively and finally, developed a prototype.

In the end, nine projects were chosen by our school coordination team. In addition, one more team was selected by the public through social voting.

The hackathon

A hackathon consists of a two-day workshop in which (small) teams come up with and develop creative solutions to everyday problems. Complexity does not play a role here; on the contrary, fast, easy alternative solutions are preferred.

On March 1 and 2, eight of the ten teams that had been admitted competed in a hackathon, the grand R-IoT Games finale. KULeuven, Odisee Brussel, HoGent, Howest (Bruges), AP Hogeschool, Intec Brussel and Thomas More Geel were all represented.

The teams

Mrs.Fridge by The Connected Sense

Mrs. Fridge is a device that is placed in a refrigerator and/or freezer. It is a personal household helper that keeps track of the contents of the refrigerator and/or freezer. Mrs. Fridge communicates with a smartphone and will notify you when a product is about to pass its expiration date.  

Wall-E.T by Team Goegezien 

An easy card management solution. If you are someone who regularly loses your wallet or bank cards, this app and device will ensure that you never lose your cards again.

Project Rainwater by Team Raptor 

This team is committed to raising awareness regarding water consumption. They hope to reduce this consumption with the help of sensors in cisterns and gamification. 

Share4All by HeyHo!

Help comes in a small container. Developed to support those in need, while at the same time helping food banks increase their reach.  Through a strategically placed locker system equipped with IoT, food banks, local traders and private individuals can donate their unopened excess food. Homeless people can obtain an RFID bracelet (through the municipality or food bank) to pick up meals from the lockers based on the nutritional value.

IoT and emergency vehicles by Team IoTerminator

Facilitation of priority vehicles' passage through traffic. Using an LED strip, emergency vehicles are announced visually, allowing drivers to make way faster and more efficiently.

Bin Possible by Team T.Inc

Bin Possible is a smart dustbin that can detect smoke. If smoke is detected, a message is sent to a central platform. Here, companies/agencies can take out a service contract to keep them informed at all times. If the intensity remains high and the customer does not respond, a team is sent to the site.

A helping hand to the homeless by Team IOTAP

To involve the homeless in society, this team set up a platform that allows individuals to employ them for home, garden and kitchen help. The homeless are compensated with food, shelter, haircuts, etc. All this without the need for a cumbersome administrative department.

Project B.O.T. by Team RIOTS 

This team built devices to make navigation through large cities easier for wheelchair users. By attaching small sensors to the wheelchair, data is collected to feed a kind of 'Waze' with all kinds of information about the accessibility, safety and quality of the streets. A member of this team is a wheelchair user, inspiring the project.

The days were aimed at preparing the teams for their final presentations to our top management. They were provided with intensive training by R-experts and attention was paid to technical, business and presentation skills. Finally, they presented their results according to the Pecha Kucha method. These presentations consist of 20 slides with images, where each slide remains in view for 20 seconds.


The result

After a whole day and night of hard work, and for some more than 24 hours of work, all delivered great presentations. It was great to see how wide a range of social problems was being addressed. IoT solutions were pitched touching upon themes such as homelessness, throwing away out-of-date food, wheelchair users and water abuse.

The top 3 were announced during network drinks:

  1. Project Rainwater by Team Raptor (Howest Brugge)

Among other things, they impressed by installing their IoT solution themselves at home, thus proving that becoming aware of their own use caused them to use less water in the home.

  1. Project Bin Possible by Team T.Inc (HoGent)
  2. Project B.O.T. by team RIOTS (Intec Brussel)

Finally, the competition ended with a tasty pizza from a wood-burning oven and delicious drinks. We are currently considering the next steps internally, but we can certainly conclude the success of this first edition already!

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