Inetum Belgium as a learning platform for inquisitive students

19 January 2024

Vitamine R

By Axelle Hauben

As a 16-year-old student in Commercial Organization Dual this year, I found my way into the professional world for the first time, with my internship at Inetum as an eye-opening experience. For me, dual learning has opened the doors to a new way of education, where I not only gain theoretical knowledge, but can immediately apply it in practice.

What is Dual Learning?

In my Commercial Organization course, I attend regular classes three days a week and spend the other two days on the work floor, at Inetum in this case. In school, I gain the necessary theoretical knowledge about CRM, Excel, marketing, accounting and administration, among others. Dual learning prepares me for a seamless transition from high school to employment, but also provides the opportunity for further study.

The Benefits of Dual Learning

It is not only the variety between school and work that makes dual learning attractive, but also the diversity of tasks I get to perform this way. From computer work to preparing exhibition materials, the practical experience is indispensable. Working with different people and applying theoretical knowledge in practice not only strengthens my professional skills, but also helps me develop communication skills, asking questions and receiving feedback, and more. I learned a huge number of new things such as working with CRM, creating professional PowerPoints, delivering presentations, communicating... You only really learn when you actually have to do it.

My experience at Inetum

Going from five days of school to two days on the job was quite an adjustment at first. Thankfully, Inetum's marketing team quickly put me at ease. My internship mentors were always willing to answer my questions and support me. The internship was educational not only professionally, but also in terms of team communication and collaboration. Inetum made me realize the importance of good team bonding. It is a pleasure to work in such a nice group. The colleagues at Inetum have shown me that it's normal to make mistakes first and that you learn from them, and that's absolutely fine.

I would definitely recommend Inetum as an internship placement. It is a company where you are given relevant tasks, your work is appreciated and you have the opportunity to indicate your interests. The clear explanations and guidance make it an excellent place to gain both work experience and knowledge. Thank you to the Inetum team for making my internship not only educational but also fun!

Working at Inetum-Realdolmen

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Working at Inetum-Realdolmen