Commuting to work on an FIP bike

8 September 2022

Vitamine R

People make the difference. We put our people at the center of everything we do by addressing their specific needs at different times of life, because everyone is unique. FIP allows each employee to determine how part of their salary is paid. This enables us to make innovative use of resources and further optimize our custom offer for our staff, facilitating a good flow at both levels: personal and professional. Among other things, employees can use their FIP budget for a lease bike – a perfect opportunity to commute in an environmentally friendly way that helps reduce pressure on the roads.

FIP, say what?

"We do our utmost to focus on our employees and help them to realize their potential. We have summarized our vision in our Employee Centricity philosophy, driven by open dialog and trust. The Flexible Income Plan (FIP) is another step forward in our implementation of this vision."

         Ann De Ryck, HR director Inetum-Realdolmen

By using FIP, our employees can now customize part of their salary package by choosing the benefit that best suits their own needs, such as leasing an electric bike or topping up their pension plan. This way our staff are again rewarded a bit more for all their hard work.

Together, we're building tomorrow's mobility

"At Lucien, we believe that bikes are an essential part of tomorrow's multimodal mobility. As life becomes more expensive, more and more people are taking to cycling, the infrastructure is getting better all the time, and we're becomingly more aware of the environment and our health. Companies such as Inetum-Realdolmen also see that they can play a role in this for their employees. That's why Lucien aims to support companies with a range of services and packages – whether it's financing models, leasing, buying bicycle fleets, insurance or maintenance. For example, we're making it easier for companies and their employees to choose a bicycle over a car."

        Ellis Broos, Growth Manager Lucien

Many of our employees have opted to spend their FIP budget on a bike. Olivier is one of them.

"When the FIP budget was rolled out, I decided to go for an e-bike after giving it some thought. I live about 30km from the office. An occasional bike ride to work sounded like a great idea, but arriving all sweaty was less appealing. I considered a speed pedelec at first, but that idea got vetoed here at home. Instead, we bought two identical crossover e-bikes, with one for personal use.” Has anything changed since your new bike arrived? “Definitely: the car stays put! And I always take the bike when I head out on a small shopping trip. I haven't been in the office much recently, of course, but sometimes it does happen. Under normal conditions, the trip takes 45 minutes by car in heavy traffic. By e-bike it takes 65 minutes, not that much longer. In essence, an e-bike expands your cycling range. Before, I'd go by bike for trips of two to three kilometers, but now I'll easily bike up to 20km one way. In short, it's a great idea! And honestly, the FIP program gives me a larger budget. It's a win-win from a tax point of view, too!"

       Olivier Toebosch, consultant Inetum-Realdolmen


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