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Beltug Priorities Compass: AI is the top priority for IT decision makers

17 October 2023

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If last year, a good IT security strategy was still the highest priority for Belgian CIOs, this year it has been knocked off its throne by artificial intelligence. That is clear from the Priorities Compass 2023 by the Beltug CIO Association, an annual survey of IT decision makers, in which 338 respondents participated this year.

(Source: Beltug)

With the introduction of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence experienced a major breakthrough, not only in the general public but also in the business community. This shift is also evident in the survey among Beltug members, where AI has abruptly catapulted to the top of the priority list. "Integrating AI into the IT environment" and "awareness of and issues concerning the acceptable use of generative AI" are considered top priorities, both with a response rate of over 45%.

This development underlines the increasing importance of data policy within organizations, who are very aware of this while recognizing the complexity involved: the data must be of high quality, carefully managed, housed in a well-considered architecture, all in a secure, efficient way.

However, a good IT security strategy remains high on the agenda, requiring a clear strategy. NIS2 may still raise a lot of questions and ensure that user cybersecurity awareness scores high again. 

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