Are graduates ready for the job market?

7 August 2018

Vitamine R

The war for talent is a fact. In today's economic climate, there is an embarrassing shortage of ICT experts available on the job market. Any ICT professional with a new degree is pounced on by companies in their droves. Even so, the question remains: do graduates actually have the right skills to provide added value?

The transition period

When graduates from academic institutions enter the ICT market, they have gained a wide variety of theoretical and practical knowledge. However, we have noticed that the curriculum followed by many educational institutions is not yet able to meet our customers' increasingly higher expectations. As a result, the first few months – or even the first year – can prove to be a period of trial and error. Moving from the world of academia into the professional arena requires a period of transition to which both the fresh talent and their experienced colleagues must devote a great deal of energy.

One way to make this transition period as efficient as possible is to introduce a young graduate program. The graduate starts their career with an intensive training program that brings their knowledge up to the level required for the job market. Companies invest in this kind of training as people today expect more from consultants. They have to be able to put themselves in their customer's shoes, be assertive, and adopt a solution-oriented approach.

The acADDemICT track

The term acADDemICT refers to young graduates with a passion for ICT and who are interested in lifelong learning. Each year, Realdolmen invests in a select number of graduates with high potential who are prepared by experienced coaches for their role as a professional ICT consultant. Experienced Realdolmen staff prepare the acADDemICTs in an intensive training period of more than 3 months to start working as fully qualified consultants in their technological area of expertise. Enough time is also devoted to developing their soft skills. And the result? After their training, our acADDemICTs will have achieved a knowledge and productivity level comparable to that of typical ICT staff members with 2 years experience.


"As a junior .NET developer, I was looking for a job that gave me the challenge I needed along with lots of opportunities to grow. From my very first conversation with Realdolmen, the company fulfilled my expectations and clicked with my goals," says Yannick De Jonghe (.NET developer). "As an acADDemICT, you are provided with a complete program that has been designed to give you both technical and soft skills. This provides you the all the preparation you need to take on your first project for a customer. Everything is possible, too; there is room to give your own opinion, and your opinion counts. When it comes to your career, you are in the driver's seat."

Working at Realdolmen

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