A new batch of up-and-coming talent in our (virtual) workplace

11 February 2021

Vitamine R

We love "both-and" thinking. It's part of our Positive Digital Flow philosophy and is embedded in our workplace – after all, combinations are usually stronger. For years now, we have been combining sound expertise with the infectious enthusiasm of young, talented individuals who we support through our acADDemICTs training program. In February, we opened our doors to another 20 talented young people. How do we make sure they hit the ground running, especially since we are all still working from home as much as possible? And why did they choose this program above all? Let's hear from some of our new colleagues!

acADDemICT: What’s in a name?

The Inetum-Realdolmen acADDemICT program is a unique program for recent graduates with a strong digital attitude and an interest in lifelong learning. Experienced Inetum-Realdolmen staff put the acADDemICTs through an intensive training period to enable them to start working as fully qualified consultants in a technological area of expertise. Plenty of time is also devoted to developing their soft skills. And the result? After their training, our acADDemICTs will have achieved a knowledge and productivity level comparable to that of typical ICT staff with 2 years of experience.

#WERFAMILY, from day one

We always organize a big first day for our acADDemICTs. On that day, the newcomers are subjected to full immersion in our DNA, of which Employee Centricity is an important part. Our General Manager, Johnny Smets, personally talks about our identity. One of the acADDemICTs had the following to say afterwards: “Johnny is a cool and accessible CEO. He made it clear to us that anything is possible if you work hard for it and use your initiative. His presentation was inspiring and generated enthusiasm to get involved.”


We also have everything arranged and ready for the starters, so they can hit the ground running. They leave with their own work equipment on the back seats of their brand-new cars. Even though we are focusing on working from home, we still held this day in the office. While we were in small groups and wearing face masks, being physically present enabled us to benefit from a warm family feeling. We also got stuck into discussions straight away. Getting to know people is very important if you want to feel at home somewhere. When asked why they joined this program, we received following replies:

I did an internship here, and it was a very positive experience (it was welcoming, the people were interesting, the environment was professional, I could do some great activities, etc.). That's why I applied for this permanent job.

I was particularly attracted to the wide range of options: even after this initial process, you can still go in many different directions, and a great deal of attention is paid to employee training and development.

Inetum-Realdolmen is a people-centered company: friendly colleagues, a human approach and a good work-life balance are genuinely important here.”

Knowledge is our capital

As already stated, training is an important pillar of the acADDemICTs process. We provide both domain-specific training courses, such as project management for Business Analysts and Project Managers, and work on training in more general areas such as interview and CV skills. Most of these training courses are now held online, but they have been just as well received as before.


"Today, I finished my last day of project management. It was a session full of really interesting exercises and practical tips. I already have a better idea how to structure things and tackle different parts. #Rproud"
- Musah Dolleh, BAPM acADDemICT

"Project management à la Diane: a captivating blend of theory and practice served on a bed of online teaching. Seasoned with a large pinch of friendly atmosphere. Leave to simmer for 2 days. #GourmetProject"
Thomas Hanegraef, BAPM acADDemICT

Are you a talented young person or do you know someone with a strong digital attitude?

We will be starting new acADDemICT tracks in September. Interested? Make sure to keep an eye on our job site. Or have a look at our other vacancies in the meantime!

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