Application Management & Modernization

Application Management & Modernization

You want to run a nimble organization, but your technological legacy often puts the brakes on your speed of innovation. With the Application Management & Modernization services from Inetum-Realdolmen, you can keep up with any changes in business requirements or customer demand.
Our application consultancy team helps you determine the right approach for you. Then we design, manage and modernize your apps stack, along with the processes and tool ecosystems that support their delivery. So you will be ready to react rapidly to important developments.


Increase efficiency

A homogeneous application landscape consisting of separate elements that work together perfectly is so much easier to scale, update and improve. 

Improve compliance

Companies sometimes lose the details of how their older applications work, making it hard to guarantee their security. New application sets are also more easily adapted to changing regulations.

Optimize costs

More resources going into maintenance means less time and budget for innovation. Unburden yourself of expensive legacy and create more value.

Cut complexity

Many legacy applications often do the job well enough, until you want to add features or link to more sources. You might get them to work, but it's always a difficult job resulting in more complication.

Delivering your digital flow

The market is driving you to improve your digital flow. We help you optimize it by providing multi-disciplinary teams that boost your applications, processes and people. We also offer you different delivery models.


The right people with the relevant skills. To help you to improve your own practices, people and processes.

Managed Teams

Experts to complement your teams


We deliver on you expectations


Leave full responsability to us

Getting rid of your ‘Technical Debt’

You can never build perfect software, as limited resources often force you to opt for good enough. Which is fine until the shortcuts start to accumulate. When all these tiny quality compromises come together, you encounter your Technical Debt. This is a concept in software development that reflects the price tag of future rework due to choosing an acceptable solution instead of a superior approach that takes longer.

Technical Debt is not necessarily bad, because it can make you move forward with your projects. However, accumulating too much technical debt means having to pay it off with interest in the future. If you do get stuck, you can count on us to resolve issues and improve your strategic alignment, architectural planning, skill optimization and process prioritization. 

Technical debt

Application Managed Services

This service focuses on supporting applications with a relatively low need for change. We start with a due diligence evaluation to learn about the current status and your support needs. We then transfer the application assets to a managed application support structure.

- Cost-efficient support
- SLAs possible
- Support of older technologies where support is hard to find
- Knowledge management

Application Upgrade and Evolution

This is about agility and optimizing your current stack by onboarding it in our DevOps Factory. We start with a technical and business intake to determine where to bring value to your business next. We then scale to your needs.

- Flexible and dynamic staffing, mixed teams
- SLA on business change response time
- Agile and DevOps coaching
- Knowledge retention within DevOps teams

Application Modernization

New technologies and services can provide great value and revive existing applications. A multitude of application modernization strategies can be applied, ranging from rehost, replatform, rearchitect and rewrite. So expect to be unburdened and have clear options to innovate.

- Innovation by use of new technology
- Increase software quality
- Optimize cost structure by using PaaS, SaaS and serverless computing
- Move to containers and limit platform dependencies

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