Groep Mechelen chooses Rstore to purchase ICT equipment

Groep Mechelen chooses Rstore to purchase ICT equipment

Mechelen is a city with a population of 86,000. Of course, a city of this size has quite a few employees. Groep Mechelen is the organization within the city that arranges employment, and it was searching for an easy way to purchase suitable laptops.

The most appropriate device for everyone

Groep Mechelen has many job profiles. From administrators to graphic designers, each profile needs its own type of device. Groep Mechelen and Realdolmen sat down together to analyze how to get a good laptop to every employee, and they came up with three proposals.

Bart Marien

We use the Rstore because it's very simple, and we often have quite a bit less administration to do. We're very satisfied both with the use of the equipment and with the guarantee if something should go wrong.

Bart Marien | Head of ICT Service @ Groep Mechelen

Rstore customized for efficiency

Thanks to Rstore, Groep Mechelen has greatly improved its efficiency, from ordering to delivery. This makes Rstore more than just an online store – it's a customer tool, too. Not only that, but Realdolmen is a partner that works constructively with you to improve the ICT products you purchase.


Rstore is your store

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