A practical guide to NIS2 implementation | Beltug

A practical guide to NIS2 implementation | Beltug

Belgium’s transposition of EU’s NIS2 directive will take place on time. That means from October 2024, impacted organisations will need to notify incidents, with either 18 or 30 months to implement the required security measures. There are two suggested frameworks for proving compliance, along with inspections by the CCB for ‘essential entities’. What are your peers using: CyFun, ISO27001 or something else entirely? What guidance is available from the CCB? What does Howest’s research tell us? Let’s focus on the practical implementation - without neglecting the broader picture.

We are delighted to have been invited to deliver a session alongside presentations from esteemed colleagues at HOWEST, Beltug, CCB, Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Ahold Delhaize. This event promises to be an enlightening experience with leaders from across the industry.

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