Where will your data live tomorrow?

Where will your data live tomorrow?

You had a good reason to choose the data storage platform you are using now. But the world is changing. Nevertheless data stays the most important IT asset of your company both today and even more in the future. Where will your data live tomorrow? On-prem? Edge? In the cloud? Multiple clouds? Everywhere? How do you know what combo is the best fit for you? Join us with this special lightboarding live session where we will go through the options Inetum-Realdolmen and HPE can offer.

This session will be presented in English.

Special format

This virtual event will be hosted by Markus Leinonen, a technology junkie from Finland and famous IT Youtuber. Less is more, analogies do work and simplifying is the key. With his trainings he is using whiteboarding models to simplify complicated concepts in effort to enforce learning objectives with less slides. Get a sneak preview below.




Topics on the agenda:

  • Your data today, your data tomorrow: the brutal facts
  • Current choices and possibilities
  • How the tandem InetumRealdolmen – HPE can help you with your dilemma. To the point, with specific future-proof solutions for tomorrow and after tomorrow.  


Round-up, Q&A

Recording 'Where will your data live tomorrow?'


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