Mobile Care Robots: a Welcome Addition to Today's Care Homes

16 April 2020

Products & licensing

We recently provided care homes with a number of laptops set up with communication tools to allow residents to stay in contact with their families and help prevent loneliness. We have now also facilitated the introduction of James, the mobile care robot, at the ‘De Ceder’ care home, as a welcome alternative to communicating by tablet.

Introducing: James

Our partner ZoraBots recently decided to make their robots available to Belgian care homes free of charge. Care home ‘De Ceder’ in Beersel was happy to accept this offer. The robot has an enormous range of possible functions, but for this loan the setup was kept as simple as possible. The robot accesses Messenger so that residents can chat with their families, with or without video. An app allows the robot to be controlled remotely.

Cruzr: The Anti-Epidemic Robot

Meanwhile, its little brother Cruzr has also been launched and is being marketed specifically as an anti-epidemic robot. It can measure body temperatures for a great many people at a time from a distance, and will send out a preventive alert if it detects an abnormally high temperature. Human contact is no longer a requirement. And this just happens to be the most important factor in limiting the spread of this virus.  Click here for more information.

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