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Why collaboration is the business model of the future

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Rapid technological progress has changed our world forever. Thanks to the Internet and globalization, everything is within our grasp, and so we want to have everything instantly. JIT – Just In Time, also applies to end users, employees and consumers. Add to that the impact of disruptive start-ups and market saturation, and clearly the market has become difficult for companies to predict.

Software development is also unpredictable, because of its complexity, especially in a market where today's product has already been outdone by what is coming out tomorrow. Traditional development models deliver less and less added value. In these models, each phase of the process only starts when the preceding phase has been successfully completed, resulting in an lengthy overall timeline, and a late point of acceptance. Working sequentially and with limited contact with the client, leads to massive "handover waste", misinterpretation of endless documents and the very real risk that what is delivered no longer matches the actual needs of your client or the end user.

In this whitepaper, we demonstrate the value of the collaborative models used in a software factory (like the Realdolmen project or DevOps Factory). We outline the situations where this kind of model can drive your business to a higher level. Above all, we hope that the insights you gain from this white paper will inspire you to take action with both smaller and larger ideas.

Challenges and solutions

  • Time to market: are you the quickest?
  • Digital maturity. Do CIOs need to go back to school?
  • War for talent

These are some of the challenges companies face when going through the digital transformation.

Bringing in scalable help in the form of a software factory is a good alternative way to review and develop your digital transformation ideas, as well as to increase the digital maturity of your company. You join an advanced model of cooperation with an existing platform, professional tools and extensive resources. The main advantage of this model is that you are closely involved in the development of your ideas right from the start. You do not just convey your requirements to the project team; you are part of the team and you contribute to the development.

What is the impact on my company?

Collaboration and co-creation may well be the business model of the future, that does not mean that it is easy to just reshape your company strategy overnight. The new business model also has an impact on company results – a positive impact – and on your employees who may need to start working and thinking in a different way.

You can find inspiration for the answer to these questions in the whitepaper below.

Realdolmen DevOps Factory
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