Whitepaper Bedrijfsstrategie

Whitepaper Business Strategy

Strategic ICT choices for an agile organisation

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In an ideal world, ICT supports your business strategy, and your ICT processes help you anticipate new possibilities or changing market conditions. But in reality, for many companies, ICT is more of a barrier than a means to making the organisation more agile, innovative and successful. How does it work for you? You can read how Realdolmen can help you align your ICT with your business strategy in our white paper.

Our approach is as follows:

Step 1: determine the architecture

We look for an architecture that best matches your specific situation. We use your business strategy as the starting point, then we explain the various phases required to arrive at the desired architecture.

Step 2: standardise the procedure

We use your business operations as the basis to determine which ICT processes you can standardise and which processes it is better for you to customise. Only the processes that distinguish your specific business objectives deviate from the standard approach. Standardising to best practices enables you to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Step 3: draw up a roadmap

We draw up a roadmap in which we determine the priority of your ICT projects depending on their complexity and added value. It’s important that you consider the projects to be a coherent whole to achieve the best results.

ICT and business aligned

The Realdolmen Business Enabling Architects guide you through the entire growth trajectory. They create a bridge between your business strategy and the technological basis required to realise this strategy. They follow a pragmatic approach for this and explain the project to all stakeholders – everyone from the executive committee to the ICT representative. Consultation is crucial because this is the only way you can evolve into a situation where your ICT really supports your business.

Are your ICT and business on the same wavelength? 

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