Webinar - Predict and resolve issues in your datacenter with HPE InfoSight

Webinar - Predict and resolve issues in your datacenter with HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight - Artificial Intelligence for your Multi Cloud world

Webinar in English.

IT professionals know that managing infrastructure brings frustration, headaches, and wasted time. Thankfully, artificial intelligence is making the data center smarter, more reliable, and much more autonomous. Did you know that with HPE InfoSight for storage 86 % of issues can be automatically predicted and resolved without human intervention?

Since 7/1 HPE InfoSight is also available for servers. For us reason enough to organize a special Wiki Webinar to bring you up-to-date about the opportunities and possibilities of this AI platform.

During this webinar you will learn how HPE InfoSight:

  • Uses cloud-based AI & machine learning to predict, prevent & inoculate problems across the virtual and infrastructure stack, and ensure optimal performance and efficient resource use.
  • Constantly analyzes and correlates millions of sensors every minute, allowing all customers to benefit as their systems get smarter and more reliable.
  • Provide global visibility into the status, health, reliability & potential issues across multiple clouds and virtualised platforms, all in one location.
  • Learn about the latest release – Infosight on HPE Compute platforms.


Register today for this free webinar and learn how HPE InfoSight can automatically predict and resolve issues in your data center. 

The language in this webinar will be English and will take place on 31 January at 10h00.

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Presentation & recording

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