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Windows Virtual Desktop: Virtual Desktop in the Blink of an Eye

15 December 2020

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By Thomas De Witte, Technical Consultant, Realdolmen

 Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a new cloud-based desktop and app virtualization service. Using Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), we can rapidly set up virtual desktops for your employees with access to Office 365, including Teams and all common Office applications. WVD can even be used to provide virtual versions of your own back-office applications. WVD has been available on Microsoft Azure since September. Is this really a new thing, though? Haven't VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and SBC (Server-Based Computing) been around for some time? Of course! What makes the difference is that WVD offers more flexibility, a better user experience, easier management and lower costs.

Permanent or temporary

The motivation remains the same as always: to allow employees to access data and applications securely, anytime and anywhere. However, Microsoft isn't only promoting Windows Virtual Desktop as a solution for permanent environments, but also as one suited to temporary situations. For example, consultants working on a project temporarily will only require secure, controlled access to data and applications for that specific project, and only for the duration of the project. With WVD, such an environment is easily achieved. Azure automatically ensures a secure browser connection out of the box, after all.

WVD for all

WVD integrates very well with Windows 10. The thorough integration with Office 365 and OneDrive also contributes to a richer (read: faster) user experience. Still, Microsoft is also explicitly targeting Windows 7 users with Windows Virtual Desktop. Those who switch to Windows Virtual Desktop can keep using Windows 7 and moreover, will continue receiving security updates.

Simpler management, lower costs

The difference between Windows Virtual Desktop and a classic VDI/SBC is obvious. That classic setup will always involve substantial investment in servers, as well as the associated infrastructure and security requirements.  With WVD, Microsoft will take care of all the infrastructure – meaning up-front investments in infrastructure are no longer necessary. Your company's costs are based solely on bandwidth, processing power and storage. Nor do you need to worry about managing the infrastructure. All that will be required of your IT department is the actual app management and maintenance.

Security, compliance, flexibility

There are security and compliance benefits as well. In strictly regulated sectors such as chemicals or the pharmaceutical industry, it can often be easier to rely on Microsoft Azure's security and compliance certificates than to set everything up in accordance with regulations yourself. Flexibility is another important advantage. Azure allows us to set up a WVD environment quite fast, including security and compliance features, while also offering users all their familiar applications. Naturally, Realdolmen will support your company in quickly finding its feet with WVD: from analyzing your needs, starting up WVD and creating the necessary images to all the associated support.

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