Five reasons for choosing Nimble storage

11 February 2019

Technology review
Hybrid Cloud

By Realdolmen expert and storage specialist Danny Matton


damat.jpg Applications running slowly? Unplanned downtime? In half of such cases, the fault lies with your storage solution. Data that is not being processed fast enough will slow down your productivity. "Nowadays, higher demands are being made of the storage environment. Not just in terms of storage performance – data availability is also becoming increasingly important. IT environments are, of course, becoming increasingly complex and companies are more frequently choosing cloud solutions," explains Realdolmen's expert, Danny Matton. We asked him what makes HPE Nimble so attractive.


Matton: "Normally, a lot of knowledge and expertise is required to manage and maintain a modern storage environment. HPE Nimble, on the other hand, is guaranteed simplicity: from fast implementation and configuration to everyday management and monitoring."


Matton: "Nimble's greatest ace in the hole is Infosight. This cloud-based predictive analytics platform recognizes and deals with 86% of the problems before they can have any impact. You get better understanding of your storage and make your capacity and I/O predictable. With Infosight, your data center is independent and easy to manage."

HPE InfoSight


Matton: "Performance is becoming increasingly important. And in that area, storage has a lot of ground to catch up. HPE Nimble offers impressive flash solutions – adaptive or full – and provides rapid data delivery to all your applications. Even when they are running in the cloud."   


Matton: "Nimble is ready for future challenges, such as more data processing or a switch to the cloud. Opt for a storage solution that is easily scalable, grows with your company, and does not need to be constantly replaced.

Cost Management

Matton: "A modern storage system must first and foremost be reliable. HPE Nimble ensures non-stop availability levels of 99.9999%. This saves your company a lot of unexpected costs that you would otherwise suffer from unplanned downtime or expensive maintenance contracts."


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