HR and IT: a match made in heaven or a casual fling?

28 July 2021

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Connecting HR and IT to guide digital transformation

Smart companies are proactively pursuing an effective partnership between HR and IT. After all, both departments play a crucial role in keeping the digital transformation in an organization on the right track. This is not just about enabling a new way of working, but also about meeting the expectations of employees. But how do you best go about accomplishing this? Which organizational structures can be used to link HR and IT? Based on existing theories and a new survey of Flemish companies, Kwinten Seghers and Simon Schelpe investigate the possibilities in their master's thesis 'Organization and Management'.

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Connections between HR and IT: interview with Kwinten & Simon

Organizations still too often tend to adopt 'silo mindsets', an unwillingness on the part of employees to share information with employees from another department. This is mainly due to a lack of 'communication' and 'connection' between HR and IT, which consequently translates into a loss of efficiency and effectiveness.

whitepaper Connections between HR and IT to guide digital transformation

Regardless of whether this is a match made in heaven or a casual fling, every step taken towards one another leads to better alignment, which in turn maximizes the potential for investment in IT projects. Find out more about the following topics in this white paper:

  • The current collaboration between HR and IT, based on existing research
  • The different ways of working together
  • A few conclusions

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