CoreView-platform for SaaS-Administration: Ideal for Microsoft 365?

CoreView-platform for SaaS-Administration: Ideal for Microsoft 365?

10 January 2021

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Technology review by Anthony Van den bossche, Technical Consultant, Realdolmen

As every ICT administrator knows, nothing works without tools. That said, a surplus of tools doesn't necessarily make an ICT administrator's job any easier. Unfortunately, this is the case for Microsoft 365, the successor to Office 365, which consolidates various business cloud solutions, each with their own separate management tool. That makes an umbrella management platform such as CoreSuite a very welcome prospect.

CoreSuite, the flagship product from US software vendor CoreView, acts as a central management console for Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications. The interface revolves around a single screen, or dashboard: the "single pane of glass." In addition to its portal interface, CoreSuite offers a wealth of management options.

CoreView's solutions are especially relevant in more complex environments or for organizations dealing with mergers or acquisitions.   The platform allows them to combine all their different ICT environments, at departmental and company level, under a single umbrella and manage these in a granular manner – down to the smallest details.


A wealth of management functions

For ICT administrators in particular, the use of CoreSuite translates first and foremost into real gains in terms of time and efficiency. For example, the administrator can perform a number of tasks more quickly via the central dashboard. These tasks include the assignment of various rights, such as access rights, to employees based on their role within the organization (role-based access control, RBAC). Another task is the splitting off or division of certain business units, even when these all belong to a single logical whole. This whole, known as the "tenant", serves as a container that holds all the Microsoft cloud services used by the company. The space required for this is reserved in the Microsoft Azure data center.  


CoreSuite offers ICT administrators a host of other advantages. For example, there are numerous reports that you can simply generate out of the box to get a better insight into the licenses for a tenant or the use of mail within your company. And you can take that view literally, because those reports are also very easy to visualize.

CoreSuite also contains a workflow module that allows you to automate onboarding and offboarding processes in particular. For example, you can ensure that an employee isn't just assigned an account immediately, but also receives the requisite licenses, group memberships, access rights, etc. There is also a license module that enables reviews of inactive licenses. This allows you to see at a glance which users have never logged into their Outlook account, opened OneDrive or viewed SharePoint. That probably means these licenses are unnecessary. Given that customers themselves often do not have a clear view of their actual use of purchased licenses, this feature offers significant added value. 


With a tool like CoreSecurity, CoreSuite also offers the management functionality you need to streamline ICT security. For instance, it allows you to chart how many unsuccessful hacking attempts originated in different geographical locations, such as China and Russia – notorious bases for cyber criminals. The software can also provide clear insight into how many employees already use strong multi-factor authentication (MFA). Furthermore, CoreView's management platform helps you to rapidly identify specific pain points and risks in the ICT environment, as well as how ICT is used within the company. You would otherwise notice these issues far too late or not at all. In that sense, it also plays a preventative role.

Full service

As the only strategic CoreView partner in Belgium, Realdolmen can not only take care of and support the implementation of this management platform, we can also take over some of its management for our customers. As the primary point of contact for the customer, we offer both simple helpdesk support and operational support via managed services. Through additional specialist advice, we are pleased to help our customers obtain the best results and use their CoreView solutions more fully.


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