A broad view of security

All levels

Realdolmen provides security from a comprehensive perspective. As a large organisation we don’t have to limit ourselves to a single technology, so we can always offer you the level of security you require:

  • end users: authentication, anti-virus
  • company level: firewalls, email and data encryption
  • business level: policy making

Always up to date with the latest trends

Are you worried your security isn’t up to date? That’s entirely possible, because technology and threats evolve at a lightning-fast pace. Outsourcing your security means you can be certain you’re always using the very latest versions. We monitor every development very closely, such as hand geometry biometrics and EU General Data Protection Regulations. So you always meet your legal obligations too.

From monitoring to intervention

You can fully entrust all your security to us – everything from monitoring to physical interventions. Thanks to our managed services you can focus all your attention on other tasks, such as innovation. We look at our range of services to see which elements combine together well to offer you maximum value. If you prefer – for the time being – to just choose one component, then that’s of course fine too.

Local or in the cloud

Our security can run locally or via the cloud. Are you reluctant to place all your data in the cloud? Then you can keep certain information local and store the rest securely in the cloud. We help you filter through what data is crucial for you, so that you only store this locally. You can still move to a full cloud environment at a later date.

Act fast in an emergency

You will inevitably encounter security problems or hackers at some stage. So the question isn’t how to keep them out but how to respond when problems crop up. We minimise the impact by establishing the possible scenarios and deciding how we can help you in advance. We identify your risks and determine which elements require the highest levels of protection.

Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Our experts are here for you!

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