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Your users are becoming increasingly mobile, IT environments are becoming more complex, and threats are constantly evolving. As your data, applications and users become more diffuse, securing your data is becoming increasingly challenging. Cyber attacks can happen at any time and criminals are becoming increasingly innovative. Is your company sufficiently secure? Can you respond quickly and efficiently in the event of an attack? Can you still keep up with the latest developments?

Our vision is that cybersecurity isn't just a matter for specialists – it concerns all of us. Implementing a solid cybersecurity strategy tailored to your organization's size, risks and business challenges is essential. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with developments, we will be happy to help you implement an effective strategy.

Evolve with your business

How mature is your cybersecurity? IT environments comprise different layers, and are used in different ways by end-users. Where are the weak links? What risks does this pose to your organization? What recommendations do you need to follow to minimize these risks? The Cybersecurity Roadmap answers all these questions.

Bring your security into a positive digital flow


For you to be resistant to cybercrime, your cybersecurity strategy must constantly keep up with changes within your organization. Do you primarily want to work on operational matters, or do you prefer to innovate by developing a new, contemporary strategy? We’ll help you every step of the way to ease your workload and get you into a positive digital flow. We will work closely with you in all areas.

The road to secure success



Gain insights into your IT assets and the associated risks.



Preventing security incidents with appropriate measures and resources.



Detecting and identifying suspicious behavior and security incidents

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Respond and recover

Responding to incidents and restoring activities after an incident.



Monitor the entire cybersecurity strategy to mitigate risks

  • Workshops
  • CISO services
  • Guidance and advice

Zero Trust security: new security principles for a new reality

Zero trust consists of a proactive approach to security that allows you to respond to threats faster and more efficiently, effectively repelling and even preventing attacks. Zero Trust requires sustained long-term effort and constant vigilance against new risks and hazards. We explore zero trust security in more detail in our white paper.

What is the weakest link in your security?

That's right: your employees. Are they aware of phishing ploys? Of course! Do they know how to recognize phishing emails and deal with them? Still, there's a lot you can do to protect yourself and your employees against such attacks. The best way to do this is through security awareness & training. Your employees will learn how to deal with online threats safely and appropriately thanks to a combination of fully automated software and personalized, realistic simulations of cyber attacks. That way, you will turn all your employees into cyber experts. Baseline measurements among new customers show that up to 50 percent of all employees are susceptible to phishing attacks. After one year on our awareness & training platform, that figure drops to under 5 percent.

Security awareness & training

Convinced? Benefit from our Security Awareness & Training, which will ensure that your employees are better prepared than ever for online dangers.

Would you like more information or do you have any questions? Our experts are here for you!

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