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Only customer obsessed companies survive disruption
  • Have you witnessed changed consumer behavior and the quickly changing technical possibilities?
  • Do you reflect on the impact of the changed consumer behavior on your sector and business model?
  • Do you wonder what your customers are looking for?
  • Do you want to keep up with your competitors?

"Only customer-obsessed companies will survive"

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will understand you need to change and have to define a digital strategy and roadmap. And you have probably been thinking about how you can deliver products and services in an innovative way, and how you can communicate with your customers through new channels.

Whereas traditional websites used to be a digital brochure, they have now evolved into truly digital platforms where you can interact with your customers, prospects and partners. To provide the best possible customer experience, your user interfaces need to be integrated seamlessly with your internal and external systems, and have access to all available company and product data.
And of course, communication is key: the more you communicate and interact with your customers, the better you can respond to their needs, and build up long-term relationships.

We also listen to our customers. We can help you understand your customers and their needs, and think about your digital roadmap. You design your future product to make sure it’s what you actually need. You are in control while we build your product on top of your existing architecture. We run your business solutions and support you in delivering value to your customer. And all of this, we do together with you.

Building blocks that complete your solution

Digital Roadmap

Digital roadmap

Through a series of workshops, we define your digital roadmap. A business modelling canvas, the creation of personas, customer journey mapping or a value proposition canvas will help you to create a roadmap dashboard. You get an instant overview of the next steps.

Solution design

Solution design

Based on your digital roadmap, and taking into account your existing data layers, infrastructure and application architecture, we help you choose between a ready-to-use product or one that is custom built. We provide realistic prototypes and designs for your future solution, just the way you’ve envisaged it.



A chatbot is designed to interact with customers in a very natural way by simulating a conversation. A chatbot can help extend client reach and thus increase client engagement, reduce costs and improve your image.



We build your digital platform. Whether you need a website, an intranet/extranet or a customer portal, we provide a tailor-made solution. We integrate your existing systems into your platform solution, optimize your SEO value and SEA investment, handle GDPR and demonstrate personalized content for your end users.

NLP en humanoïde robots

NLP and humanoid robots

Be ready for the user interface of tomorrow and enable your customers to interact with your digital platform in a new way. Via Natural Language Processing (NLP) your solutions will understand what your customer says. Integrate voice-based assistants like Alexa, Google home or Cortana.  You can use soft robot solutions such as Pepper to transform interactions into a unique user experience.

UX Testing

UX testing

Providing stable and usable solutions is all about testing. Validating layout and functionalities in a responsive way on multiple platforms and devices, usability testing to understand the interaction with your solution and automated functional and regression testing are crucial to be able to guarantee a stable and fluent customer experience.



Keep a complete overview of your solutions by monitoring performance and customer behavior. Stay at the top of search results and make sure the most important parts of your site are visited by increasing the SEO value of your platform.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Thanks to AI and Neural Networks, computers have become capable of visual recognition. Computer Vision is the technology to get actionable insights from images and videos, and transform these into indicators and relevant metrics based on your requirements and expectations.

You and Realdolmen, together

Our starting point will always be your customers and the experience they are looking for. We will seek to understand their needs and match the best solutions to them, taking into account all the new innovative options that provide the acceleration power you need.

As a single-source partner, we help you to define your digital roadmap and act as a trusted advisor along the way. We search for and find the solution that will best fit your needs, build it and keep it running. We always aim to get everything in the picture. Our digital strategy consultants, business analysts, agile coaches, architects, developers and testers work closely together to deliver all the resources you need.

At Realdolmen we strive every day to handle business in a pragmatic way. Instead of months of workshops and market investigation, we consciously opt for efficient co-creation with our customers to design and build the solutions needed. From an MVP to a complete platform, to deliver your customers the experience they are eagerly waiting for.

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