Admin, finance, production & logistics (ERP)

Admin, finance, production & logistics (ERP)

Work with your organisation’s core data wherever you are

Your organisation’s backbone

Organisations expect more from their ERP system. All important business processes need to be linked to it – not just logistics, administrative or financial data, but also sales and after sales, market research and product development, workflows, a digital archive, reporting, analyses and prognoses, and so on. People want to use the software wherever they are, and rely on extra intelligence from the ERP system to anticipate potential problems and help discover possible opportunities. 

Better integration and mobile use 

This is all possible with an approach that aims for as much flexibility as possible, which is why hybrid ERP systems are taking over the market. Part of the system is located in the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere, expand faster, integrate with other applications and stay up to date. This also means the cost of installation, use, maintenance and updates is flexible and guaranteed to go down.

Maximum knowledge potential

But the cloud doesn’t change any of the requirements at the basis of an efficient ERP system: it has to contain your unique knowledge as well as the generic processes that you need, but which don’t distinguish you in the market. We understand that we need to know your business through and through. Our knowledge of logistics management, sales processes and maintenance doesn’t come from a book, but from real life experiences in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, distribution and healthcare. Our experts walk through your warehouse, production facility, dispatching department or hospital with you, and discuss possible solutions together.

User first

Just like all our projects, people are the main focus for ERP. ERP helps your employees work more efficiently, actively deal with your company data, and make faster decisions. People who can work efficiently and collaborate better make a maximum contribution to realising your organisation’s full potential. f

Our Industry-specific solutions

RAW&M helps wholesalers conquer the e-market

We have our own ERP solution for the Wholesale and Distribution market, RAW&M (Real Applied Wholesale & Manufacturing). 

This is a self-developed total solution for the wholesale sector based on Progress © Software that seamlessly combines ERP with WMS and offers extensive functions for finance, business intelligence, e-commerce and CRM. It’s one of the most advanced functional packages available for this market, and is the most widely used package by smaller and medium-sized organisations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Hospitals too

HospitalAX is an ERP system for the procurement processes and financial, logistics and technical services workflows in hospitals. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and fully customised for the Belgian healthcare sector. Together with hospital experts from the Healthcare Consortium, we ensure the software meets the sector’s challenges and controls the essential administrative and logistics processes. HospitalAX optimises the time spent by healthcare providers, positively influencing efficiency and so reducing hospitals’ operating costs. 

Rimses: strong together for safe maintenance

We've been working with professionals in the maintenance sector for 30 years to provide a software solution that helps organize the professional maintenance. Rimses is tailored to these needs and includes features for work requests, work planning, job handling, purchasing, reporting and much more.

Rimses focuses not only on the internal maintenance, but is also an excellent service tool. With the mobile application, field service employees can work online and offline. Rimses finds its way into various sectors and various companies (from small SME to multinationals). Rimses stands out by its wide and extensive functionalities, combined with an excellent user experience.


Critical success factors for a successful ERP implementation

An ERP implementation transforms companies and business processes fundamentally. Its impact is thus high. Several studies show that companies do not adequately estimate and address such long projects. 
Our whitepaper gives you guidelines for a 'new approach', which will make your ERP project much more predictable and will help you achieve and evaluate your business goals more securely.