Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Juggling Big Data

Without AI there wouldn’t be any smart computer games, and now the phenomenon is creeping into the world of business too. This is mainly due to the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). As appliances, devices, systems, databases, etc. start communicating with each other more and more, this creates a tsunami of data so big that we humans simply cannot process it on our own anymore. But AI technology can juggle this big data to extract useful information.

Human Analysis Becomes Unnecessary

An AI system is so intelligent that it can discover for itself the possible applications of the data it is analyzing. So it’s no longer necessary, or even possible, to program in advance what has to happen with the data. The system creates its own algorithms using self-learning mechanisms. And data analysis by humans becomes unnecessary.

Smart Machines

It goes even further than this. With AI you can build smart machines that process the huge amounts of data generated by the IoT autonomously, correcting themselves as they go. Smart machines are generally minuscule devices, such as sensors or wearables, with one specific function. Sometimes they’re autonomously functioning apps. Their main advantage? Because they can process data lightning-fast thanks to AI, they can make accurate decisions quickly, again without any human intervention.


These smart machines help us deal with day-to-day activities faster, more accurately and more securely. This is having an impact on the automobile, communications, healthcare and manufacturing industries along with many others besides. Realdolmen is working very actively – using a co-creation and ecosystem approach – to help you and your customers with the evaluation and implementation of these new possibilities.

Smart Machines
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