Cross-platform mobile app development for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Tizen and Windows

There are several solutions to ensure mobile applications support various platforms, ranging from fully native apps built in a specific programming language, such as Java or SWIFT, to hybrid web applications based on HTML5.

The disadvantage of native applications is the cost. The app must be built separately for every individual platform. The advantage is that each app has the same look and feel as its platform. HTML5 applications only need to be developed once, but they look the same on all platforms and their performance is lower.

Realdolmen prefers Xamarin, which positions itself as "offering the best of both worlds". Xamarin offers a single development language that can be used to build software for the three major mobile platforms.

Why Xamarin?

The standard Xamarin platform allows us to achieve a 75% shared codebase. Thanks to the power of C# and the .NET framework, the code is written just once and can be used by iOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS and Windows.


Native performance

Applications built with Xamarin have been optimized to use the hardware available in your devices.

Native API access

Xamarin supports all features of iOS, Android and Windows, such as iBeacons and Android Fragments. The features also work exactly as in the platform's original language (Java / Objective-C).

Native user interfaces

The main disadvantage of cross-platform, hybrid web applications is that they look the same on all platforms. Microsoft, Google and Apple have invested a great deal of time and money in the development of graphical styles for their ecosystems. The best-selling apps on all platforms have adopted these styles to make them feel familiar to users. Xamarin offers us the tools to build magnificent cross-platform applications that really belong on each platform.


  • 75% - 95% shared code across Windows, iOS and Android
  • Native performance
  • Native user interface
  • Access to all platform features
  • C# and .NET across all platforms
  • Responsive, attractive, cross-platform applications

User Experience Design

The UXD process is an important step in the development cycle of each front-end application. During this process, a UXD expert works with the people who will end up using the application daily to determine the application's appearance and usability. The full UXD methodology consists of:

  • Analysis: users, tasks and context analysis
  • Design: wireframe, navigation maps and prototyping
  • Standardization: information architecture, design patterns and style guides
  • Evaluation: testing
  • Support: change, support and managed services

Why Xamarin with Realdolmen?

Realdolmen strongly believes in Xamarin technology. Our team of passionate Xamarin Certified Experts, Quality Assurance Engineers and UXD experts will guide you from the concept stage to a state-of-the-art, attractive, fast, cross-platform application that is easy to maintain. We now have an extensive portfolio of projects and experience that enable us to make your mobile project a success story.

Xamarin Certified

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