Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning

Prevent unnecessary risks in your data center and patch on time

It’s often only when news of security breaches hit the media that organizations become aware of the risk they face. Did you know that unpatched software is one of the top three entry points for hackers today? The majority of successful cyberattacks can be traced back to a known vulnerability that was not addressed or, even worse, to a vulnerability that the organization wasn't at all aware of.

In 2022, a record number of 26,448 software security breaches were reported worldwide. The number of critical vulnerabilities increased by 59%, to 4,135, compared to 2021. The continuous mapping of all these new vulnerabilities alone is quite a task. Combined with the limited resources available to IT teams, this quickly leads to inefficiencies, but much worse, it also results in needless exposure to perfectly avoidable risks.

Thanks to our Vulnerability Scanning, detecting vulnerabilities doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive and time-consuming task. Our solution helps your IT staff identify and analyze huge numbers of known vulnerabilities, in turn letting them spend the saved time more usefully, e.g., by patching all those vulnerabilities on time. This shifts your focus from detection to efficiently solving your security problems.

Vulnerability Scanning: security at a fixed price

The number of devices you want to scan for vulnerabilities determines the budget for our services. Our basic Vulnerability Scanning package includes an initial set of 500 devices. You can supplement this starter package with additional packages of 250 devices each. You benefit from a fixed rate for both the basic package and the supplementary packages. That way, you always know where you stand financially and avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Our approach: avoid unnecessary risks in five steps

  1. Kick-off with intake interview: An initial conversation helps us understand your needs and determine the exact number of your devices that we need to scan for vulnerabilities. Based on this preliminary analysis, you then select the package most suitable for you.
  2. Customer visit with implementation: We come to your site in person and install and properly configure our Vulnerability Scanning solution, entirely tailored to your needs. We do this in close collaboration with your own IT managers.
  3. Data collection: Our solution collects data about your devices, including information about vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security issues.
  4. Remote analysis: We process and analyze the data in our analysis center. This analysis identifies security issues and assigns a risk score to each problem.
  5. Reporting: We provide you with a report summarizing the identified security issues, their risk scores, and the remedial measures we recommend as a priority, so you can you tackle the most critical security issues first.

Our Vulnerability Scanning is complete: What now?

Only a proactive approach to cybersecurity can provide an appropriate response to your security challenges. In other words, vulnerabilities in your data center need to be identified and addressed before criminals can exploit them.

This seems obvious, but unfortunately, the hard truth is that you’re always more vulnerable than you think. Therefore, it is important to identify all potential vulnerabilities through regular scanning. Vulnerability Scanning is the necessary first step in a much broader process of Vulnerability Management. This process also includes:

  • A thorough assessment of the risks associated with each vulnerability;
  • Prioritizing of the identified vulnerabilities;
  • Drafting a plan to address all vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Inetum-Realdolmen has all the necessary in-house expertise to provide you with expert advice and technological support through these various steps.

Want to learn more?

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