Software delivery enablement services

Software Delivery Enablement Services (SDES)

We provide the continuity for your development and test environment


We live in a time in which IT can give you an edge over your competitors. Now more than ever, a short time-to-market for quality software is something that your customers/end users are demanding. As an IT department, you need to be able to deliver it. Rapid, high quality software delivery is crucial. The growing range of available tools and solutions does not make it easy to make the right choices when it comes to assuring efficient delivery of your software. The integration of development and test ecosystems to support your software development, keeping various tools up to date, etc. are not tasks that your team members should be trying to fit in when the opportunity arises.

Our vision on software delivery

We help you to deliver your software efficiently and effectively. We do this in terms of processes and products and at organizational level. We take a pragmatic approach when working with you. On a step by step basis, we look at how your team(s) can increase their efficiency and effectiveness. 

We invest time in your delivery process so that you can devote your time to your business.

How can we help you?

Solutions that can be integrated

We offer various solutions that can stand alone and be integrated into a larger whole – to meet your wishes and your budget.

Here you can see which applications are possible at a glance.

Software Delivery Enablement Services

A wide range of tools

We work with the most prominent partners in the market and have ample experience in integrating these different ecosystems. Starting with the setup you currently use, we integrate it or migrate to a more modern ecosystem. Together, we review your requirements and the available options, and define the best possible solution that is tailored to your business. We also make sure that tools, processes and your team members are integrated with maximum effect.

A pragmatic approach

To achieve the best results, we ensure practical, hands-on implementation and provide professional consulting services. We look at what is already in place and propose realistic and appealing next steps. Using our combination of knowledge and in-house expertise, we help you select the most appropriate strategy. If you wish, we can also build on existing architecture, the level of knowledge within your team(s), the technology to be supported and the infrastructure of your IT systems. We can set up your development and test ecosystems, keep them up to date, provide the necessary training and assist you in improving your development and test processes.

Our solutions

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