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Smart Energy & Utilities

In this ever-changing world, organizations are challenged to adapt to the ongoing digital flow that generates new economic, administrative and social opportunities. To get the most out of this positive digital flow you need to balance your activities around important accelerators like futureproof ICT, a good employee experience, customer centricity, product & service innovation and sector excellence.

Due to the climate change, the resulting demand for sustainable energy supply and the challenge to cope with scarce resources, the transformation of the energy & utilities sector is unstoppable. In practical terms, every actor in the value chain will be (is!) impacted. The imperatives of the energy transition and the development of renewable energies on the one hand, decentralized production and the deployment of local networks supporting resources reusage and circular economies on the other hand, and finally, the tremendous opportunities linked to the penetration of digital technology. It’s time to move away from the ‘traditional’ approach and enter the Smart domain. Develop B2B, B2C and even B2T services based on smart data management to meet new uses (electric vehicles, smart buildings, prosumers, etc.) and consumer expectations, while working to optimize the bill of your customers.

The advantages of getting smart

Ready for the future

Ready for the future

• Distribution networks become more efficient
• More resilient to new players on the market
• Go green(er)
• A modernized set of applications
Create more value

Create more value

• Increasing production efficiency
• Better utilization of assets
• Lower cost for con- and prosumers
• Build smart grids


• Make everything interconnected
• Make interoperability possible
• Get a complete overview of everything that’s produced
• Align supply & demand
• Predictive maintenance

All the technological puzzle pieces you need

To become smarter, there are different domains you can focus on, each with their own technological puzzle pieces. The most value will be generated if everything is implemented but such a turnaround takes time. Each piece has value in itself.

Exploration – Production – Generation

  • Digital Twin: build a digital reflection of a physical product or process, based on real data. More info
  • Energy Assets Management
  • Predictive Maintenance: avoid downtimes by predicting maintenance needs

Transportation – Transmission – Refining – Treatment – Distribution

  • Field Services: the right people and tools to maintain physical assets
  • Smart Grids & EMS: a grid that automatically keeps the balance between supply and demand
  • eMobility Services: the usage of electric cars for smart storage, distribution and use of energy

Retail – Services – Trading

  • Digital Journey: build digital experiences for customers
  • Meter to Cash: consume better, pay less
  • Smart Energy Services: real-time information about consumption

IT infrastructure & support foundation

A right and secure IT infrastructure is a prerequisite to enable anything.

A partner for your journey

Every organization has its own needs and goals. Together we can transform your needs into a digital roadmap to provide digital continuity for production, transmission, distribution, retail, trading and services. We advise to start with a business case to proof the value of a Smart Energy & Utilities vision. Start small to scale later. We are a glocal trusted advisor who can mean something at every step, wherever you are today. Preparing your architecture, integrating all the loose ends, linking different insights, … Our experts have sector knowledge and know the prevailing challenges. We also work together with partners in ecosystems to fuel you with all the knowledge there is.

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