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Realize the Potential of Data

Today, data is everywhere; petabytes of data are generated every second. Many companies understand the value of collecting data for their businesses. However, collecting data is not enough. Data only becomes valuable when you are able to see the connections or make predictions. To bring out the true value, data has to be managed during the whole data life cycle, and it has to be transformed from data to wisdom.

To become a data-driven company, you need to move from creating reports to generating new business value through data by making new correlations, predictions, or automations. Therefore, data governance and quality management is very important.


Figure 1: Value of Data

Three principles to get your data going

  1. Start Small, Scale Fast
    Don’t overwhelm yourself. Start small with a data project with boundaries that has a specific business goal. Learn as much as you can and transfer all of those lessons to a bigger project.  Don’t forget to always keep in mind the overall business goals and the bigger picture.
  2. Don’t Start from the Bottom to End Up Where You Want to Be
    With reference data architecture, you are freed from spending cycles on architectural design. We use a flexible blueprint to build data architecture that fits your needs.
  3. Focus on the Platform, People, and Processes
    To transform raw data into an optimized decision-making process or as an enabler for new business and services, an organizational change is needed. Therefore, we don't merely focus on developing technology. We also look at the processes and the people needed to truly develop a data-driven culture.

Let’s go on a data journey, together



How can data bring you value?
Discover it via inspiration workshops, assessments, or the co-creation of a data roadmap.

Proof of Value

Creation of a prototype of the data services that’ll bring value.

Industrialized Analytics

End-to-end support for your modern data platform, processes, and people approach.

Solutions that bring value

We strongly believe in data, AI, or machine learning as an enabler for digitalization and business growth. It’s important to realize that they are a very important means to bring value, but they are not the goal. Therefore, we always work toward business value solutions and use data services that are adjusted to the needs of the industry and/or client. 

Get inspired by these business solutions, powered by data

  • Automated dispatching, anonymization, entity extraction (automated document handling) 
  • Predictive risk management: Fixing problems proactively before they occur
  • Marketing automation: Target new customers and reach out to current customers in a personal way
  • Performance management: Get all the insights to monitor and continuously improve

Our partners

Our collaboration with technology partners Microsoft, AWS, Snowflake, Profisee and Collibra enables us to implement state-of-the-art data management solutions.

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