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Secure Business Enablement

Engaged workplace
Secure Business Enablement Symantec | Check Point | Fortinet | WatchGuard | Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics | Azure Rights Management | Varonis | Kaspersky | Checkpoint | Realdolmen Education | SecureWorks

Secure Business Enablement is part of our Engaged Workplace offering.

Having access to company data anywhere, anytime and from any device has also increased the number of risks. Every new device is like a new gateway to your business data, a gateway that requires some serious latches. But there is a lot more to it than that. Now that the lines between work and private use are increasingly blurred, you need to take into account that even your best employees may unwittingly do "bad" things online and so create additional security risks. Realdolmen helps you to increase the security of your mobile environment.


  • In the past, business devices rarely left the secure business environment, but employees now often take their devices to places where they are exposed to all sorts of malware and attacks.
  • Your employees use Dropbox, email, WeTransfer, etc. to send their data. These applications are a real pain to your IT department, which has no control over them. Yet blocking these services can have devastating consequences for your business.
  • Security is not a part-time job. Security is becoming increasingly complex and the amount of data to be analyzed is so vast, that it is no longer viable for most companies to handle all their security issues themselves nowadays.

A selection of our solutions:

An "always on" workplace

As our work is now place, time and device independent, the modern digital workplace requires a specific security approach that can handle all kinds of attacks, intelligent malware, cyber incidents and hackers. Realdolmen therefore provides solutions based on an integrated hybrid security model. Automatic adjustment and a proactive approach are central to this.

Symantec | Check Point | Fortinet | WatchGuard | Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Securing critical and privacy-sensitive data

IT is more and more about business enablement and business innovation than about control. Companies are more "open" because of their human partnerships and their electronic links. The model in which the company is secured like a fortress with only one way in and out no longer applies today and is considered obsolete. A firewall alone no longer offers sufficient security.

Today, it is important to protect your main business processes, applications and data as the "crown jewels" of your company. Mitigation techniques such as data classification, digital rights management, data loss prevention and encryption are used to this effect. Realdolmen offers a holistic solution that is tailored to your company.

Azure Rights Management | Varonis

Security awareness

Hackers always look for the weakest link in the system. This is usually people. People keep clicking on links and buttons without asking too many questions. Criminals are also becoming more and more professional, which is making it increasingly difficult for end users to ascertain the legitimacy of a website or email. More attacks are also specifically targeted at a specific person. Every effort is made to mislead the end user. In many cases, raising end users' awareness of digital security is the best way to increase general security. Besides raising awareness, Realdolmen also wants end users to change their behavior, which adds value to every GDPR compliancy roadmap.


Kaspersky | Checkpoint | Realdolmen Education

Security relevance and effectiveness via SOC-as-a-service

The implementation and maintenance of traditional security tools have always been a difficult and budget-sensitive exercise for the average organization. It is hardly surprising that it is proving unfeasible to implement solutions that can handle cyber threats and maintain the manpower and expertise to monitor and optimize those solutions 24/7. The TCO to achieve this is higher than for any previous security process, without any security incidents, that is...

Realdolmen offers a 24/7 SOC-as-a-service solution for this problem to (SOC: Security Operation Center). No heavy CAPEX combined with an endless search for affordable competence, but an OPEX model offering peace of mind and quick adoption based on best-of-breed technology and expertise. A possible alternative to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) process that was postponed for several years? A realistic strategy for data protection and detection in accordance with GDPR legislation? Realdolmen will gladly tell you all about it.


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