Salesforce for Logistics & Manufacturing

Salesforce for Logistics & Manufacturing

Optimum Customer Engagement Management

The fourth industrial revolution, which encompasses everything from the internet of things to cloud computing to data integration, is not just a challenge for international players alone. Do you manufacture and package sweets? Are you responsible for product logistics management? Are you perhaps a supplier to the automotive sector? SMEs also need to digitize their business processes from the inside out. Digital transformation is also essential if you want to remain competitive in your own market.

A connected platform for optimum growth

In the digitized company of today, production facilities, warehouses, sales departments, transport departments and even reception areas are no longer islands working in isolation. It is only when all departments are linked to one other that you can make best use of the data you have collected with the aim to making your business grow. 

A Customer Engagement System such as Salesforce® enables your marketing department and mobile salesforce to create a connected platform.

Salesforce for industry & manufacturing

Integration with ERP for optimum customer engagement

For manufacturing and logistics companies, the production and/or ERP system serves as the operational backbone. That said, how do you make sure that your salespeople have the most up-to-date information available from these components – any time, anywhere – both regarding and on behalf of your customers? Is your salesperson aware that the customer they are about to visit has just called reception with a complaint? Does he know which products are coming off the line and being loaded onto the lorry today? Does he know who this customer has already talked to in your company over the last few weeks? Does your salesperson have on-demand access to forecasts and budgets? Does he receive guidance on which marketing campaigns and products he needs to promote to this customer? 

A reliable Customer Engagement solution provides this information in the field at any time, guaranteeing the right focus, greater efficiency and higher effectiveness.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

44% more sales productivity

With Salesforce, your salespeople have a complete 360° picture of each customer and their needs at all times – whether in the office, at home or on the road. In addition, salespeople, experts, partners, suppliers, distributors, etc. can work together in real time, resulting in rapid and successful deals.

Salesforce Customer Succes Platform

Salesforce provides you with a cloud-based platform that gives you a 360° overview of your customer. Furthermore, all departments are connected to each other, enabling you to improve your sales, services and marketing. Read more about Salesforce here.

Salesforce Service Cloud

29% more customer satisfaction

Salesforce offers direct access to contract information, legal data and information. Combined with a 1-to-1 service for your customers, you can pro-actively reduce “product downtime”. Salesforce’s omni-channel options allow you to contact your customer in real time by phone, email, live chat, etc.



    Bram Decraene DATS24

    Realdolmen was able to get Salesforce up and running in only one month. The fact that the project went so smoothly doubtless had much to do with thorough preparation.

    Bram Decraene | Head of Sales @ DATS24 Professional

    What does Realdolmen offer you?

    As an official Salesforce partner, we provide certified consultancy services on Salesforce products.

    • Advice on your CRM strategy and requirements
    • Implementation of your scalable Salesforce environment, from just one to thousands of users.
    • Extension of the Salesforce options via custom developments for your business.
    • Integration with your existing applications such as ERP and Document Management systems.
    • User Adoption Plan and training for end users on the use and management of Salesforce
    • Support for your Salesforce environment during its entire lifecycle.
    • Management of your complete Salesforce environment.
    • Regular updates on Salesforce innovations and roadmaps.
    • A specialist Salesforce team with experience in different domains and products.


    Experience with customer engagement management in logistics and manufacturing.

    With over 20 years’ experience in various business sectors, including logistics, manufacturing and field services, we have the right people with the necessary skills to implement a new technology for customer engagement and to provide you with strategic support and even take over management of the technology for you.

    In addition, our employees’ knowledge covers various technologies, meaning that you will always receive objective advice about different options and integration solutions. Last but not least, we take care of training your end users and preparing a well-conceived change management plan.

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