Personalized information - Office Delve, SharePoint Online, Skype-for-Business, OneNote, Yammer, Power BI

Personalized information

Engaged Workplace

Personalized communication is part of the Realdolmen Engaged Workplace offering.

Nowadays, everything needs to be done faster, while everything is also getting increasingly complex. Customers expect a quick reply to their questions and they want a solution to their challenges as soon as possible. Organizations who are successful at playing the short game, while still delivering a good quality response, will gain a large advantage over their competitors. That is why it is so important to have a reliable IT platform for data exchange and collaboration that:

  • makes it easy for people to get in touch with each other
  • is available at a centralized location
  • provides the right information at the right time.
Personalized information - Office Delve, SharePoint Online, Skype-for-Business, OneNote, Yammer, Power BI

A selection of our solutions

Knowledge center

The Knowledge Center is an intuitive document management center that is set up specifically for end users. By means of a portal, your end users can quickly find useful information and guidelines relating to collaboration and document management. How can I…/I am looking for…/I want to…/… (e.g. SPO, Office Groups, Document libraries, etc.). This information is provided in the form of FAQs, videos, Wiki, guides and more.


Solve inventory problems

This solution allows real-time identification of inventory shortages, then finding a fast solution in collaboration with suppliers. Whenever an inventory shortage occurs, using Power BI you can quickly identify where the bottleneck is. Using a dashboard, you can see directly which items have low stock levels, and for which items your team needs to find an alternative solution. As soon as the inventory shortage is identified, you can use Skype for Business to talk to the suppliers involved. You summarize the agreed solution clearly in Office apps.

Using OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online, you can create new documents that are automatically stored in the cloud. This means that versioning is managed automatically, and you can work on your supply plan in Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote) using any device. When the document is ready to issue, you share it with your suppliers using modern Outlook attachments. Outlook recognizes the cloud document as a file that has recently been updated. The alternative supply plan can now be set up. You receive real-time updates from your suppliers through Yammer.

OneDrive for Business | Outlook | Power BI | Skype for Business | Yammer

Applying best practices

“Experience is a great teacher” is a common saying. That is why it is so important to define and share experience and best practices across the whole company.

Realdolmen makes your manuals and system guidelines available centrally on a SharePoint Online site.

If you set up a team site for all your salespeople, then everyone can share sources of information in a central library.

Using Delve, you can find the data that is likely to be of most interest to you right now. Find out information about people, and from people, and help others to find you. In short, make use of collective knowledge.

You can group and share related documents on Delve boards. For example, you can search for a board about a department’s success stories. Boards are accessible to everyone in your organization, but a board can also include documents for which a specific access level is required. You will only see the content you are permitted to see.

You can use Yammer to create contacts with other experts across the whole organization. This way, you learn from the best practices used in teams in other areas.

Best practices that you find useful are best bundled and shared using OneNote. OneNote is a digital notebook, and ensures everything you note is accessible worldwide. OneNote saves and synchronizes your notes automatically, so that you are free to focus on brainstorming and ideas.

Delve | OneNote | SharePoint Online | Yammer

Filtering relevant information

Nowadays, information overload is all around us. Filtering the relevant information for the right employees is not a luxury you can do without, if you want to help them find answers to their questions more rapidly.

Using activity reports in Yammer helps you to map out which content employees need. Using the activity reports you can also see how much Yammer is being used within your organization, as well as measure how many users are posting messages, likes or are reading.

You can provide employees with context-specific information, such as news and training using their SharePoint Online portal.

If you want to share an important update or some information only with your team, then use the private shared area and a closed shared mailbox via Office 365 groups. An Office 365 group is the improved version of a distribution list. A group has a shared workspace for email, discussions, files and agenda items, allowing group members to collaborate and communicate.


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