The standard solution for authentication and authorisation in .Net

Protecting applications to a sufficient degree is not getting any easier. At the same time, the need to do so continues to be extremely important.  Whether your company uses mobile, web or desktop applications (or all three), it has been shown time and again that the old methods of protection are no longer adequate. 

OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 are today's standard resources for handling authentication and authorization in a safe and secure manner.  IdentityServer is the de facto standard solution for .NET, which facilitates the use of these resources.


Why IdentityServer?

One IDP, all application types and APIs

IdentityServer can be used to uniformly authenticate mobile applications, web applications (including ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core and Angular) and desktop applications.  In addition, IdentityServer provides security for the APIs used by these applications. IdentityServer can also be used to securely open your APIs to external parties.

Single Sign On

If multiple applications are available to users, you do not want the user to have to log in again for each application.  IdentityServer supports this principle out of the box across different application types.  This ensures that authentication logic is concentrated in one place rather than spread across multiple applications.

Federation Gateway & Social Login

IdentityServer can be integrated with other IDPs across different protocols.  This allows you to set up a federation with your sister companies as well as with Azure AD, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and so on. All of this logic is concentrated at IdentityServer level, meaning that you do not have to implement anything at application level.


IdentityServer can be fully adapted to meet the needs of your company.  As well as the user interface, this includes integration with all manner of user stores – from your own user database to integration with Active Directory.  In addition, different authentication methods can be built in, from a username/password combination to two-factor authentication with a smartphone.

Speed of implementation standards

In IT, things move a little faster than in the rest of the world. If there is one area that moves faster than the others, it is security.  New issues arise week in, week out, while new standards are continually developed to resolve them.  This makes it essential for any identity provider to implement these standards quickly and correctly.  IdentityServer has a reputation as one of the fastest, most accurate frameworks for implementing these new standards.  In addition, IdentityServer is fully open source, which means that the code can be carefully reviewed by hundreds of experts.

Why choose IdentityServer with Realdolmen?

Realdolmen has been working in the field of security for a long time, and has gained extensive experience in using IdentityServer.  We have multiple in-house experts who monitor IdentityServer and the related standards.  We have a wide range of references from various customers – from HR to the health care sector.

Thanks to a strong relationship with the IdentityServer product team, we are also able to provide support that guarantees a response within two hours. We can also offer AdminUI that is subject to special Realdolmen terms.

Our offering







Interested in speaking to one of our consultants about how IdentityServer can be integrated into your application landscape?  Wondering how your applications can be safely protected with modern standards such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect?  Our consultants can discuss this with you and find the right solution.  


Realdolmen is the only Belgian partner to offer official IdentityServer support at enterprise level. We are able to guarantee a response time within two hours.


Setting up security-related solutions like IdentityServer calls for the right expertise.  Realdolmen can assist you in setting up IdentityServer and integrating it into your applications, a customized user store and/or a federation with other IDPs.


Looking to train your own ICT specialists in the use of IdentityServer?  Realdolmen can organize training both at our offices and on your premises. The training is always tailored to your requirements.

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