Realdolmen Healthcare Platform
Unburden your organization in the cloud

Realdolmen Healthcare Platform

Unburden your organization in the cloud

Your Challenges

Few sectors in Belgium are undergoing changes that are as significant as those in the healthcare sector. The demand for care is growing as the population ages. At the same time, people are becoming more discerning and better informed. Well qualified staff is becoming scarcer, new technologies are emerging, price and quality competition are rising and resources are limited.

Healthcare providers and other concerned parties are also increasingly required to form networks by the government, resulting in the growing importance of cooperation and the mutual exchange of information. Designing new, integrated healthcare concepts, improving quality and efficiency and keeping healthcare affordable are high on the agenda of many boards of directors. 

Although technology can help address or even accelerate these challenges, it is important to note that the healthcare sector is not like any other sector. Data confidentiality, social relevance, budgetary aspects and the increasing level of technical complexity call for responsible commitment along with specific expertise. This is how the Healthcare Platform concept was conceived.


Our Solution

The Realdolmen Healthcare Platform is a  modular platform in the cloud that we designed together with Microsoft. The components are based on out-of-the-box solutions from Microsoft, such as Azure, Dynamics and Office365, and from affiliated partners. These solutions can be fully adapted to the customer and address their care activity requirements. This is regardless of whether they are a hospital, residential care facility, home care provider or healthcare practice. 

With the Healthcare Platform, we want healthcare providers to be able to offer more and better care through the smarter use of innovative ICT solutions. In addition to promoting expansion and improving efficiency, the Healthcare Platform is intended to allow healthcare providers to unburden themselves from ICT tasks.

It is now an easy and economical option to lease many basic systems. This relieves the internal ICT department of its basic duties and allows it to focus on tasks that provide more added value to the healthcare institution.

The Healthcare Platform is in compliance with Belgian and European legislation (including GDPR) and actively responds to new regulations. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with the governmental e-health plan and addresses specific action points such as Sharing for Cooperation and Simplifying Administration. The platform also takes new trends into account, such as the increasing independence of care recipients who increasingly want to be involved in their own healthcare, and remote healthcare (mHealth or mobile Health) via mobile devices and applications. 

Functional Modular Platform

The Healthcare Platform focuses on the care recipient and is intended to support and unburden the healthcare providers and their staff at an administrative level. It is a growth platform, meaning it will gradually expand to incorporate more solutions. This will take place in response to specific demands from the sector and recurring issues we ourselves detect among our customers. 

Existing customer requests along with solutions we previously developed for them are the foundation of our Healthcare Platform, the components of which we intend to integrate into a comprehensive range that is tailored to the customer. 

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Infrastructure: unburden your organization in the cloud

Zorgplatform - storage


You can use cloud storage to store your data securely and at a reasonable price at a separate site in compliance with Belgian and European regulations.

Zorgplatform - PACS


The quality of PACS images is continuing to increase, which is driving up the data volume. Store this data more securely for a more reasonable price and for a longer period in the cloud

Zorgplatform - Disaster Recovery Plan


In the event of a major incident, you can always switch over to a backup copy of your environment and keep your processes running.

Zorgplatform - LIFT & SHIFT


Optimize and simplify your environment while saving costs by simply relocating it (lift & shift) to other data centers.

We guide you along the way:

Healthcare Platform - plan of action


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In need of a cloud strategy?

With the Realdolmen cloud roadmap, an organization gets a clear analysis of its own IT environment and knows the impact of a switch to the cloud. 

Together with the key people in your organization, we determine what the cloud in your company could look like and show you the way in the mass of cloud offers that exist today. Based on that, we outline a roadmap. Tailored to your business.

The roadmap gives you an answer to the following questions:

  • Does the cloud have added value for my company?
  • What are the pros and cons of the cloud?
  • How much does it cost to keep my IT on-premise or in the cloud?
  • Which systems are eligible to be transferred to the cloud?
  • What steps do we have to take in order to achieve our goal?