Dynatrace for Performance Management

Dynatrace for Performance Management

Realdolmen and Dynatrace: Your partners in Digital / Application Performance Management

Application performance is more crucial than ever in this fast-paced, mobile world. Fast-loading applications, websites and applications that are always available and run fast are what users have now come to expect.

Online banking is a source of income for banks. But the more frequently customers log in to the banking platform, the more it costs – even if customers just want to quickly check their bank balances on their phones. Did you know that some providers give banks a discount if they can demonstrate the exact percentage of mobile use? Dynatrace helps you track this mobile percentage.

Dynatrace for performance management

Why Dynatrace?

Detecting the cause of performance problems is not always easy. The cause may lie in the infrastructure, but could equally well originate in the application code. Dynatrace does end-to-end tracking of all transactions within an application or across applications to give you a continuous view of the performance of these transactions and any fluctuations in performance. This enables us to see when performance starts to degrade, and we can also potentially look at the code to see what we need to do to resolve the issues. This suddenly makes troubleshooting complex problems very intuitive.

Dynatrace delivers added value in the following three domains:

  1. Optimization of the user experience:Dynatrace digital experience monitoring combines real user monitoring, synthetic checks, mobile app monitoring and big data analytics to give a complete view of the digital experience of each customer/user.
  2. Accelerating innovation: Dynatrace application monitoring monitors web scale application environments down to individual transactions – with no gaps or blind spots. This includes the front-end, application performance, infrastructure, containers and the cloud.
  3. Modernization of operations tasks: Proactively tackle problems before customers/users are affected by them.


Why Dynatrace with Realdolmen?

Dynatrace provides a goldmine of data that only becomes valuable once it has been effectively managed and accurately interpreted. We can provide advice on how to use the tool correctly. We write procedures and set up processes for structuring, managing and interpreting data. We build the necessary dashboards to allow the right people to view the right data. We also help you to correctly interpret these dashboards and advise your development teams on how to structurally solve specific problems and prevent them recurring in future.

In addition, since Realdolmen is a valued Dynatrace partner, we are also able to supply you with Dynatrace licenses. We help you to acquire the right licenses at the right price, support you in co-terming licenses and help you optimize the purchased licenses. You can also rely on us for support when updating to new versions and use us as a single point of contact if you experience problems or wish to send requests for new functionalities to Dynatrace.

Leave the worries to us

We can handle your entire Application Performance Management on your behalf. We also offer Dynatrace "as a service", which means we not only handle the implementation and configuration but we also update the software, create the necessary dashboards, actively monitor and interpret data, and give proactive feedback and advice about potential future problems. We do this for customers who want to hand over all of this task for a fixed price per month/year (can also include the license cost, if wished).


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