Document Management

Document Management

  • Do you want to align your internal and external communications more closely?
  • Is the flow of incoming communication so complex that you can no longer see the forest for the trees?
  • Do you want your documents to be archived more efficiently?
  • Are you wondering what the best way is to approach your customers? And do you know how they prefer to reach you?

We are in the middle of the golden age of content – a world with enormous amounts of information. Everything is digitally recorded and documented. Even so, this wealth of information can also be a breeding ground for noise. How can you approach, inform and reach your customers and employees in an effective, agreeable way? Can you create order from all the various flows of information? Does this happen in a standardized, automated manner? Can you meet expectations regarding personalization, too? In short, your document flows need to be correct. They are a valuable asset for achieving the desired and requested customer and employee experience.

Bring everything together in one story

As an organization, you receive and send out huge amounts of data and documents on a daily basis, both on paper and digitally. These come and go to and from various parties and via many channels. This takes place on two levels. You exchange information externally, but there is also a great deal going back and forth internally. It is also important for everything to be archived in a clear manner in order to ensure that knowledge is safeguarded. In other words, there are roughly three elements (external communication, internal communication and archiving) that summarize your entire documentation flow. Document Management (DM) enables you to manage and coordinate everything efficiently.

A DDM solution enables you to create, manage, store, retrieve and deliver documents in an efficient, personalized and automated way. You can control and optimize your document and communication process on an end-to-end basis.

What is Document Management

A few features in focus

smart doc

Smart documents

Take your information documents, such as a quotation, to the next level by turning them into a dynamic smart document. In the document, the customer can simulate their own package or formula and purchase it outright.


Central management of document templates

Different branches or points of sale can use templates created by the head office. Only one document has to be created, everyone always works with the latest version, and you can be sure of a uniform appearance to the outside world.


Automatically linked to CRM, ERP, etc.

Each document is automatically imported into your database or accounting package. This ensures that all your business applications are connected to each other and that the entire data puzzle fits together. As you keep a good record of all information, a customer can be approached in a personalized way based on this information.


Encrypting documents

Documents contain certain data, making security extremely important. By working in accordance with the GDPR and European standards, your customers feel safe and protected.


Intelligent forms

Interactive communication with customers allows you to be more responsive both in terms of communication with the customer and the internal processing of the document. Need a signature? Providing a digital signature option means that no time is lost.


Multi-channel approach

Today, customers are constantly switching channels, and as a company you should be able to change channels without it being noticed. There should be no noticeable difference between, for example, your communication via e-mail or via your social media channels. This is why you should coordinate your information and documentation and make them available to your customers on any channel, at any time, entirely according to their wishes.

Realdolmen as a partner

As a one-stop shop, we are able to integrate and seamlessly coordinate the various solutions. Others often only offer a single isolated solution, but we join all the dots. This ensures that your information and documentation flow evolves into a single flowing whole, and your customers and employees receive the digital experience they expect.

We have a solution available for your outgoing documents as well as for your internal processes and archiving. This enables us to eliminate the complexity inherent in managing information and documentation, allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business. We offer an integrated response that supports your daily operations and relieves the burden on you as much as possible.

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