Data Driven Manufacturing

Data Driven Manufacturing

Better Results from Smart Data

Manufacturing companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their production processes. Most of them are already organized to be extremely lean thanks to the adoption of the Lean Six Sigma model, but improved efficiency, increased productivity and profitability continue to be the traditional goals and challenges. Manufacturing companies also collaborate closely with their vendors and customers, making the synchronization of all their incoming and outgoing processes with these stakeholders extremely important for operational excellence. To achieve this, they need full and real-time transparency of their production chain. The use of data plays a crucial role in this. Rightly so, because by analyzing data and using it smartly, manufacturing companies can gain important operational improvements.

Data-driven manufacturing companies use a variety of data sources to obtain insights and trends and then convert these into focused actions to improve processes, and deploy resources efficiently. We are not talking about only the "classic", often reactive, data from transactional applications such as ERP or CRM, but also about real-time data from technological innovations such as sensor technology and the Internet of Things. The first step is to capture and combine all these data.

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The final goal is to achieve a better understanding of the DNA of the production chain in order to be able to use this as a basis for controlling or adjusting the business processes. One way of gaining this understanding is by analyzing the data, while also searching for correlations within the data. Prescriptive analytics is one of the new trends in data analysis. By applying this analysis technique to machine maintenance and concurrently making use of the artificial intelligence of sensors, the maintenance needs of machines and equipment can be forecast, and incidents and unexpected interruptions to production can be avoided.

Experience has in fact taught us that while manufacturing companies do have an ever-increasing quantity of data available, not very much use is made of it. This situation is exacerbated by the complexity of the data environment - software and hardware suppliers frequently have not developed their applications in a way that makes it easy to download data and convert them into useful insights. In the meantime, the technology to do this has now become available, and its cost is falling steadily. The potential has grown hugely, even for older production environments. One example of this are the ever-decreasing costs of data storage.

Our expertise

The Data Insights team at Realdolmen helps manufacturing companies to uncover how they can exploit the increasing number of technological options. Data Insights focuses on data, more specifically, on ensuring data quality and turning data into information, because without quality and insight, data are of no value. Data Insights uncovers the DNA of the data, and seeks to create added business value from this for manufacturing companies. They can, for example, deliver business insights that outperform the value creation available from traditional transactional systems.

Data Insights combines a range of multidisciplinary methodologies and solutions with expertise along the entire data supply chain:

  • Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Governance
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Storage
  • Extended dashboarding, presentation and reporting
  • API management
  • Integration with software and hardware
  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data

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