Aruba 360 Secure Fabric

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric

How Aruba 360 Secure Fabric helps with GDPR

No single product or combination of security solutions will guarantee GDPR compliance! No product in itself is GDPR compliant! So it´s time to bring existing solutions together. A holistic GDPR strategy can only be achieved if the security teams have the right tools to do their job. A single view of the network, and the ability to automatically create new policies based on incoming activity, is the best chance of staying ahead.

Aruba provides an integrated set of security products and technologies that can help organizations reach the level of protection that the EU regulators are seeking.

The bigger picture of security

The attacks that make today’s headlines leverage not only new techniques, but they are specifically designed to operate on the inside of the network with legitimate credentials to execute their exploits.Combine this with an exponentially expanding IT ecosystem of mobile, BYOD, cloud and IoT, and traditional defenses will simply not keep up. This means that companies risk not be able to detect and report a breach within the 72 hours stipulated by GDPR.

It is this rapidly changing security landscape for which the Aruba 360 Fabric was designed.

Expanding Points of Vulnerability

Aruba 360 Secure: an answer to the new security imperative

Nevertheless the existing systems remain essential as part of an effective GDPR strategy. They need to be complemented with an additional layer of monitoring that utilises new types of attack detection, such as machine learning, to analyse the entire network collectively, and find the very small changes in activity that are indicative of an attack.

Aruba 360 Secure: an answer to the new security imperative

The Aruba 360o Secure Fabric offers a combination of network access control capabilities to view the millions of devices accessing the network, and provide policy-based, device-specific access that can significantly limit access to user personal data.

The solution also includes the new Aruba IntroSpect, which uses machine learning to determine where personal data resides, and search the entire network for anomalous activity that could indicate a potential security breach. IntroSpect uses this learning to generate ‘risk scores’ for each connected user, device, system and database, focusing the attention of IT and security teams and ensuring future attacks do not go unnoticed. Reports from users of IntroSpect have shown that new threat investigations have been completed 30 hours quicker than previously-used systems, a significant reduction in the fight to meet the 72 hour reporting deadline of GDPR.




Should you wish more info? Mail to We will contact you as soon as possible. Meanwhile you can also download the recording of the Aruba webinar which focuses on how Aruba 360 Secure Fabric solutions can assist organizations with GDPR compliance.  

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