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Application Security in the fight against cyber crime

cyber security

In this fast-changing world, new apps are being launched every day. The time-to-market for new software is so rapid that it sometimes raises the question of whether these apps are properly secured. Cyber crime is also strongly on the increase. Your applications need to be adequately protected against this threat.

Our vision on Application Security

Until recently, securing the IT infrastructure with firewalls and other systems was the most popular method of protecting organizations. However, a firewall will not protect you against security problems that lie within the application. Considering the speed at which apps are launched, and the ease with which users – including your employees – can install these apps, the security risk for organizations is also likely to be increasing.

This doesn't mean that you should throw out the security around your infrastructure. Application Security is a second layer of security that is a kind of second padlock on the door of your organization.

How can we help you?

Application Security helps you make your application code more secure.

Audits and code reviews

As a Micro Focus Fortify partner, we can offer you a tool that detects potential security problems in the application code early on in the software development process, using the Static Code Analyzer. The code is scanned for potential vulnerabilities. Based on this, the results are reported, which allows corrective action to be taken.

Code reviews for application security
Advice for application security

Advice for application security

We can advise you on how your development teams can improve the security of their application code and what guidelines should perhaps be applied. If you wish, we can integrate this into your Application Lifecycle Management ecosystem and carry out code audits before an application is released. Additionally, this can also be automated as part of your build process, so that insecure code cannot be released accidentally.

Penetration tests

Even if an app is already up and running, you can still test and improve security. We provide you with penetration tests implemented using Micro Focus Fortify (Webinspect).

Penetration tests for application security

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