Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers

Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers

Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers

Application performance is more crucial than ever in our fast-paced, mobile world. A company without a website is unthinkable these days. Fast-loading websites and mobile applications that are always available are what users have come to expect. Internally, application performance can also have a huge impact on employee productivity.

Our vision on Application Performance Management

When developing software, or having it developed, from a business standpoint you are mostly focused on developing the functionality required. You leave the "non-functional requirements" such as performance and security to the IT department. Unfortunately, in the past IT departments have not always invested enough time and resources in non-functional requirements, and they will often lack experience in this area. In their defense, we have to say that they often receive no concrete requirements about these from the business.

In the past, performance problems were often solved by higher investments in infrastructure and servers. However, this isn't much help in the long-term if all it does is obscure the actual problems in the application itself.

Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers

These days, every company is confronted from time to time with impatient customers who are frustrated by a slow website or mobile app. This often has a negative impact on the relationship between business and IT. In the worst-case scenario, you lose customers (and money)/productivity (and money)/users, or users opt for an alternative software product (shadow IT). End-to-end tracking of all transactions in an application or across applications gives you a continuous view of transaction performance and the potential changes that can be made. Interpreting the data on a technical level allows you to resolve the problem quickly and proactively, ideally, before your end users/customers experience any problems.

Digital Performance Management

By interpreting the data from the APM tool from a business perspective, you can go a step further. The data tells you how and why users and customers carry out specific actions in your application, so you can respond to your customers' needs in a targeted way. This is known as Digital Performance Management.

How can we help you?

The right tool for APM

Detecting and diagnosing performance problems is typically time-consuming for developers. The right APM tool helps to reduce this time to a minimum.

As part of this solution, we made the strategic choice to use Dynatrace. We handle the implementation and configuration of Dynatrace and, perhaps more importantly, advise you how to use the tool and how to interpret data so that you can see results quickly. It's not just our knowledge of the tool that is essential, our consultants are also knowledgeable and experienced in subjects such as software architecture and development, and possess the coaching skills required to teach your development teams to become more aware of performance problems during development.

Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers
Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers

Training and coaching for APM

Our Dynatrace experts train your users fully in the Dynatrace software. We teach you how to interpret data on both a technical and business level. We help you set up dashboards..

APM as a service

If you prefer to fully outsource your Application Performance Management, we can also provide Dynatrace "as a service".  We take care not only of the implementation and configuration, but we also update the software, create the necessary dashboards, actively monitor and interpret data, and give proactive feedback and advice about potential future problems.

Application Performance Management leads to satisfied customers


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