API & Integration

API & Integration

In our digital world, an API is one of the cornerstones of every digital platform. Integration has moved beyond simply being a way for business systems to exchange data efficiently and is now the basis of all kinds of digital services as well. The API economy is gaining ground, increasing the importance of digital connectivity.

Today's IT landscape is often made up of a variety of architectures, including business applications, data solutions, digital services, and possibly even legacy systems such as client-server or mainframe. While this creates complicated contexts, it mustn't be allowed to result in a complicated API. For technical interfaces, too, user-friendliness is critical to success.

A digital integrated service provided as an API is an architecture for a package solution and must be designed to fit both the business needs and the full context. The right approach to service integration and API management is vital to every company's digital future. After all, our digital world revolves around ecosystems that are interlaced with enormous amounts of data.


Reusability as an accelerator

APIs are the universal language of the digital world. (Open) API standards define how systems and digital services interact. Standardization, automation and security help increase efficiency. Digital service orchestration provides for digital acceleration.

Cornerstone of digital operating models

APIs serve as the basis of digital business models. By eliminating the need for human middleware, they enable scalability of business operations. If data is the new oil, then APIs are its pipelines and refineries.

Improved customer experience

Easy data exchange opens up opportunities for all kinds of personalization, an important factor for a great customer experience. With a good API that is contextually smart, secure and easy to use, you can build systems that customers will love to use.

New business models

You could say APIs often act as a technical foundation for digital disruption and innovation. APIs generate their own, very distinctive markets, such as the API economy, multi-sided markets or even the cloud.

Our expertise

API strategy

Draft a modern API & integration architecture that meets the needs of today's ecosystems, with consideration for connectivity, security and scalability.

API management

Keep your APIs up to date and adapt your access management to current developments for maximum security.

Modern API & integration platform

Move towards event driven integration of your systems and Kappa architecture.

API governance

Take a structured approach to API life cycles and the accompanying cultural changes.

We see DevOps, Agile and APIs as best friends forever


To be able to set up a modern API and integration architecture, we take an agile, DevOps approach. We consider the big picture. After all, a fully developed, API driven strategy and architecture don't just impact technology and processes, they affect people and skills as well. We always start with your specific context, sharing interesting insights and relevant practical experience along the way. We act as your partner in every step of the process. Including when you're ready to move on to industrialization.

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