Agile development created business value

Agile development creates business value


Scrum teams, user stories, daily stand-ups, product owners, etc. Agile development is a true development approach that comes with many benefits. Agile is a mindset that starts with the question, "What can I do to create the most value from day one?"

Our vision on Agile development

Why embrace the agile approach? Because every company is faced with the following questions:

  • Are we doing the right things at the right time?
  • How much time do we waste on things that are not our core business and which do not deliver any value?
  • Do our teams have clearly defined work processes?
  • How do we measure what we are doing?
  • Is there always room for innovation?

The classic big-bang approach cannot deal with all the issues. However, the agile approach can, and this is what can help secure the future of your business.

Agile development creates business value

What can we do for you?

coaching and training for agile development

Coaching and training for agile development

We offer coaching for all roles and teams at all levels within your company: in the IT team, at program level and at C-level.
We provide training from introductory level to certified training for Agile and Safe© (and more).
We also provide coaching on the transition from the waterfall model to an agile model.

Scaling agile coaching

In large organizations, there may sometimes be more than one team working on the same product or project. Alternatively, you may be working with several teams and sub-teams on a number of products within a suite. In this case, you need scaled or integrated agile coaching.

For major projects or organizations, it is not enough to simply apply agile principles to a larger team. Points to consider for complex projects:

  • Keep the teams small enough that all team members receive the right information.
  • Keep the iterations short, even for large-scale projects.
  • Find the right cadence to align the iterations of different teams to one other.
  • Appoint a single product owner.
  • Involve the end users.

Through Safe©, we provide consulting services and coaching on how to scale the agile concept.

Scaling agile coaching
Agile Business Processes

Agile Business Processes

How about hanging a Scrum task board on the coffee machine?
... And we could all note down, visualize and tackle day-to-day frustrations, ideas and challenges.

An agile approach can only succeed in the IT department if the business also adopts agile work processes. This is why we also offer an agile framework for non-IT teams, with some business tasks that adopt the Kaizen principle. After all, small successes can have a huge impact.

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